About the snowman

So we waited and the morning came when we don’t have to go to school. No homework, just time spent preparing for Christmas. Baking, cleaning and decorating our house is the duty of every household. However, there is one thing we love to do the most. Building a snowman. We open our eyes in the morning, have a quick breakfast and head out into the snow.

All year long, we just wait for the green grass to hide under silky layers of white down and we can finally build a snowman.

About The Snowman
About The Snowman

Nicely, my other sister and brother and I divide the tasks of who will prepare what part. First, the biggest ball. There must always be at least two of us to roll it.

The smaller one is the belly, which we’ll put right in the middle with Daddy’s help.

And finally, the head, which goes on top.

Mummy brings a long carrot from the kitchen. We’ll stick it in the smallest ball and it’ll serve nicely as a nose.

An old leaky pot must also not be missed as a cap to cover the ears of our friend from the severe frost

Grandfather will bring coal so that the snowman can button up his snow coat to keep the wind from blowing him away.

Grandma made us a beautiful colored scarf to keep the snowman from getting cold. We attached the thin twigs we picked in our garden to a central ball to serve as the snowman’s arms.

Looking at him, he was a real success this year. And it looks to me like it’s even a little bigger than last year. But the weather turned nice and the next day the snowman disappeared from our yard. All that was left was a carrot, a pot, coal and a scarf. I was so sad because I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him.

This year my dad promised me that if I listened, the snowman would be happy and stay longer.

I tried to be good all year. I cleaned up my toys, did my homework for kindergarten, helped my mom in the kitchen. I brushed my own teeth at night. And that’s how it was today. After dinner, I brushed my teeth and Mom read me a Christmas bedtime story. I closed my eyes and dreamed of frolicking snow elves, dusting down blankets from the sky with soft snow falling to the ground.

I woke up first thing in the morning. I stood up immediately and ran to the window. I squealed with joy. The snowman was there in all his glory.

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