Christmas of Jonathan the owl

Owls don’t have an easy time in winter. Do you think they are just sleeping or resting in the warmth of their tree cavity? Well, you’re wrong. Yes, you won’t see an owl in the woods during the day, it doesn’t fly out until dusk, but then it really has something to look forward to. He has to keep his ears and his excellent eyesight open and fly silently through the woods. From the branches, she keeps a close eye out for rustling, so she can hunt for the best food. And since mice, voles and frogs are known to sleep in winter, the owl must wait until it can catch a bird. And that can take a long time.

Owls often live alone, and this is the case with Jonathan the Howler Boy, whom I will tell you about. Jonathan built his nest on the highest rock in the area, behind a large birch tree. An eagle owl is a big owl, and he must build his nest on the ground, because no branch could carry him. 

Christmas Of Jonathan The Owl
Christmas Of Jonathan The Owl

On Christmas Eve Jonathan flew off into the woods in the early evening, as he does this every evening. But this time he was not looking for food, his belly was still full from the previous day. He looked around at the colourful fruits forgotten on the tree, and at the pretty coloured leaves that still remained here and there on the branches where the wind had not been able to blow them away. Anything he liked he gathered in his beak and carried to his nest. When there was a good pile of it, Jonathan began to scatter rose hips, cranesbills, and colored leaves around the nest. It was like a real Christmas decoration, he looked fondly at his work.

All through Christmas Eve night, Jonathan sat in the decorated nest, listening to the birds chirping carols nearby, happy and content. And you know what? He didn’t feel lonely, because all around him was a beautiful Christmas atmosphere and a sky full of stars shining for his pleasure.

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