About lost snowflake

Snowflakes have got a lot of friends. You couldn’t even count how many there are. Her closest friends are the snowflakes that have fallen out of the same cloud. Together they stick together all the way until they reach the ground, and even on the ground they lie side by side in the snowdrift. When the snowflakes are together, they are happy and rest contentedly on the ground, on rooftops or in trees, as long as the sun allows.

One winter, the wind was blowing hard. It was snowing, and it blew one little snowflake named Snowdrop far away from her friends on the same cloud. She landed in a snowdrift, curled up and cried. She felt abandoned, even though there were lots of other snowflakes all around her. But they didn’t want to talk to her because she was a stranger.

A fairy tale about a flake that was blown away from its friends by the wind.
About lost snowflake, Anna I.

She lay like that for two whole days, lonely and unhappy. She wished the sun would shine and she would melt. But it didn’t happen. Suddenly, there was laughter and shouting in the distance. A whole group of children came running. All they could see were laughing eyes and red cheeks peeking out of their scarves and hats. They were rolling around in the snow, making balls, throwing them at each other or rolling them to make them bigger, so that they could make a big belly for the snowman. Even Snowdrop got into one of these balls. One boy threw it laughing towards the big tree. He missed, the ball smashed to the ground. And Snowdrop couldn’t believe her eyes. She landed right in the middle of her friends from the same cloud. What joy and happiness. All the snowflakes held hands and promised each other that they would never let anything separate them again, not even the biggest wind.

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