The Christmas Angel

It was the day before Christmas Eve, a white quilt of snow glistened outside. There was a pleasant smell of food and Christmas gingerbread on the streets, children were building snowmen, and people were singing carols. Jin’s eyes lit up at the sight of the big Christmas tree in the town square, but he immediately felt sad as he remembered that they wouldn’t have much at home this Christmas. They wouldn’t even have anything to put in their mouths if the old baker on the street didn’t take pity on the boy and his mother. He returned home carrying a warm loaf of bread and eggs in a canvas bag the baker had given him. A few years ago Jin’s father died, the family was not easy. What’s more, his mother also became seriously ill.

Jin was glad he had made it home. It was already cold outside, and his coat was not very warm. He hung it up in the hallway and followed his mother to her room. At first he only opened the door so as not to wake her, but when he noticed her eyes staring out the window, he entered her room.

“Hi mom. I went to the baker and got bread. I’ll cut you a piece,” Jin said happily to his mother, but she stroked his raven hair and said: “Maybe later, Jin. Go to bed. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.”

The Christmas Angel
The Christmas Angel

Jin gave his mother a kiss on the cheeks and went to his bed. He knew it wouldn’t pay to persuade his mother, since she wasn’t going to eat anyway. So they both fell asleep thinking about each other. Mom wanted Jin to have a nice Christmas like the other children had, but due to illness she couldn’t do anything. And Jin? He sat by the window, which he opened a little, and looked through it at the stars. Every time he saw their brilliance, hope awoke in him. Hope that his mother will recover and that they will recover.

“I wish everything would be like it used to be again. If only my mommy would get better,” he muttered, and at these words there was a rustling at the window. Suddenly an angel, no bigger than him, appeared at his window. Its wings glistened slightly in the moonlight and looked like the finest feather dust. Jin, however, jumped away from the window in panic and folded his arms in a defensive gesture. “Who are you?” he asked slowly, looking up at the angel who was just fluttering his wings.

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