The story about the Three Kings and the lost dog

Beyond the seven mountains, beyond the seven forests, beyond the seven meadows, there were the Three Kings: Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar. The Three Kings set out on a long journey to give gifts to the Child who had just been born. They wandered through forests, fields and deserts, every now and then looking up at the sky, where the Star of Bethlehem was clearly visible. Its radiance was amazing and pointed the Kings in the direction they should go.

– Faster, Kings! ” said Melchior to the other Kings – There is no telling how long the Star of Bethlehem will shine. 

And so the Kings sped up. They followed quickly through the desert, fields and forests, until they met a crying girl on the road. 

– Girl, what happened, why are you crying? – asked Caspar

– My doggie got off the leash and I can’t find him… ” said the girl wiping her tears.

– What is the dog’s name? – asked Melchior

– Ares.

The Three Kings looked at each other and already knew they had to help find Ares. They divided the forest into sectors and each of the Three Kings went in a different direction to search.

After a few minutes of calling and searching the area, Balthazar heard a dog barking. He went in that direction and saw an animal entangled in snares left in the forest by a very bad man – a poacher. 

 – There, there, take it easy, I’ll help you – this saying he slipped Ares’ paws out.

Bedtimestory The Three Kings
The story about the Three Kings and the lost dog, Anna I.

The girl was overjoyed that the Three Kings helped her find and free Ares, because she was afraid she would never see him again. The Three Kings returned to continue their journey with the thought that they were the right people in the right place, as it’s unclear whether the little girl would have been able to handle the search for the animal alone in the large, dark forest. 

This brief stop did not stop them from their journey. The Star of Bethlehem even began to shine as if brighter, in gratitude for their good deed. There are bad people in this world, such as poachers, who do bad things, and only good people can make it right by doing good deeds.

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