About the cow Matilda, who will have a brother

In a certain village located almost at the end of the world, a little cow Matilda lived together with her parents. Matilda was very happy because she spent all her time in the pasture, where she could play with her friends.

One day, when Matilda came home for dinner, she found that something was kind of different: there were a lot of sweets on the table, yet it was neither Sunday nor any holiday. And for dessert, the fudge mom prepared chocolate ice cream with caramel topping, which Matilda particularly liked. It was quite strange because such a dessert appeared just for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas.

On that day, however, the cow’s parents wanted to share the happy news with her:

– You’re going to have a little brother, daughter! Mommy and Daddy love each other very much and soon our baby boy will be born. Now we have to think about a name for him,” said Matilda’s mother. 

Our little cow was very happy: she always dreamed of having a little brother to play with. She was already looking forward to telling all her friends!

Fairytale - Calf With Chocolate Ice Cream On A Meadow
About The Cow Matilda, Who Will Have A Brother, Annie I.

The following weeks passed very quickly: mother cow’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, daddy was preparing the room for the soon-to-be-born boy, and Matilda was choosing the color of the walls for the room and toys for her baby brother. The whole family also unanimously chose a name for the baby boy.

Shortly thereafter, Frank came into the world – he was exactly as tiny and cute as Matilda’s cow had dreamed of him. There was no end to the joy in the house. After some time, however, Matilda became increasingly sad: her parents had less time for her than before, because they had to pay attention to Frank. The mother was sometimes very tired because Frank rarely slept through the night, often cried and needed constant care.

Matilda even felt rejected and one day thought that her parents no longer loved her.

She was overwhelmed by a sadness so great that she could not hold back her tears. As she lay in bed like this in the evening and quietly cried, her mother came into her room.

– Why are you still awake, dear? And why are you crying, what happened? – She asked.

– I’m crying because you don’t love me anymore, all that matters to you now is Frank,” whispered Matilda.

– After all, you know that’s not true. You don’t remember this, but when you were as tiny as Frank, you also rarely slept through the night and Daddy and I got up to see you. This will soon pass, and when Frank grows up a little, you will be able to play with him as you always wanted. Besides, you can already help me take care of him. I’ll show you everything tomorrow. Would you like to? – Mom smiled and hugged Matilda.

– I really want to, mom,” Matilda wiped away her tears and replied contentedly.

The next day, Mom allowed Matilda to help take care of her little brother, and Matilda felt happy and responsible for Frank for the first time in a long time, just like the older sister does. She was looking forward to playing together with her brother. 

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