The legend of Toruń’s gingerbread – Katherines

The story happened a long time ago, when there were both knights, princes and merchants in the world, in a city called Torun. The city of Torun was famous for its trade, industry and delicious baked goods. It was in Torun that the most delicious gingerbread imaginable was made. 

In one of the tenements near the market square lived a little girl named Katarzyna. She wore two pigtails and had happy eyes. Her dad was a master gingerbread maker and every day he baked a supply of gingerbread for sale. Unfortunately, one day her dad became seriously ill. Little Katarzyna had to help her mom take over her dad’s duties. 

– Mom, look what a cool shape! – she shouted to her mother, in her hands forming a gingerbread man

– Daughter… – furrowed her eyebrows mom – it’s a waste of dough for such a waste, make gingerbread from moulds. 

– Mom, please! – Katarzyna did not give up 

– All right, but let’s make just a little of these yours. It may be that such unusual gingerbreads no one will buy. 

Fairy Tale For Children - The legend of Toruń's gingerbread - Katherines
The legend of Toruń’s gingerbread – Katherines, Annie I.

After baking the gingerbread, Mom and Katarzyna went to the market to sell the gingerbread. Surprisingly, the gingerbreads made by Katarzyna were sold much faster than the gingerbreads baked according to the traditional form. 

The girl grew proud. On the second day she made more of these gingerbreads, and on the next day – even more. The gingerbreads sold out very quickly. It took a few days, which later began to turn into a few weeks. 

Meanwhile, Katarzyna’s dad recovered. Surprised by his daughter’s success, he decided to put the unusual gingerbreads into production and sale on a permanent basis. And to honour Katarzyna’s commitment, he named these unusual gingerbreads Katarzynki. 

Katarzyna’s gingerbreads were very popular. They were bought by both young and old, women and men, people from the countryside and from the cities; everyone who tasted them appreciated their shape and taste. This led to the fact that Katarzynki are still produced today, and are famous not only in Poland, but all over the world. After all, it started with a little girl wanting to help her mother and father.

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