About the princess and her best friend

Beyond the pointed mountain and the winter woods stood a small but beautiful kingdom. There lived a lovely princess with her parents. The princess was very beautiful. Her long blond hair shone like the sun. Her eyes were as blue as a crystal fountain and her smile was the most beautiful in the whole world. She was also very kind and had a good heart. The king and queen were very happy with her and loved her above all.

But there was something that bothered them. Their daughter was speechless. That is, she had no voice. She was born that way. Even though it bothered her parents, the princess didn’t care. It didn’t bother her at all and she still had a smile on her face.

One day, a special visitor came to the kingdom. A big carriage driven by a man. There were dogs in the carriage. Big and small. The man took them around the world and offered them to everyone and everywhere. So he decided to offer some of them to the king, the queen and the princess.

The princess really wanted a dog. She wanted a companion for the long walks she took into the winter woods. She looked at every dog. Some stood fearlessly and obediently in place. Others watched her confidently, but she noticed one sitting in the corner of the carriage. Since she couldn’t speak, she pointed to him.

The man was horrified and began to make excuses, “Princess, that’s not a good choice. It’s a dog that’s not trained, it’s afraid of the dark, and it’s not good. We don’t even know where he’s from. We found him wandering along the road one day. Pick another one.” But the princess stood her ground. She shook her head in disagreement and pointed again to the dog in the corner. She felt some strange connection to him. She knew that she didn’t want another, and that even if she couldn’t speak, he would be the best one for her. Her parents could tell that the princess was determined, so they let her have the dog.

Bright Blonde Princess In Forest
About The Princess And Her Best Friend, Annie I.

It took a long time for the dog to learn to listen, but he was so grateful to the princess that he eventually learned everything. But he was afraid of the dark, so he slept with the princess in her bed. The princess loved him and would not take a step without him. She even taught him the sound of the whistle. When she wanted to call him, she didn’t have to make a sound. She just blew the whistle, which had a strange shrill sound, and the dog was by her side.

One day when they were returning from a walk, the princess realised that she had forgotten her hair bow in the woods. She gestured to the dog to wait for her, that she would run there quickly. But as she ran through the forest, she tripped and hurt her leg. She couldn’t get up, she couldn’t even call for help because she was speechless. She was lying on the ground, her leg was hurting and her unsuspecting canine friend was sitting on the ground waiting for her.

But then she realised she had a whistle. She took a breath and whistled with all her strength. The dog immediately took off and quickly found her in the woods. He realised she was hurt and couldn’t walk. So he ran as fast as he could to the kingdom for help.

Once the princess was nursed back to health and safe at home, she petted her dog and didn’t even mind that she couldn’t speak. She knew she couldn’t have chosen a better friend. He loved her beyond words and would do anything for her because she trusted him from the beginning and gave him the kind of love he needed.

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