The Magic Apple Tree

September is the month of autumn. It is the time when the wind starts to blow more, it is cooler and the fruit ripens. Apples, for example. At this time of year, they’re just the right size. I’ll tell you about a garden where there were several apple trees. They were beautiful, their branches were all over the place, and just in the autumn there wasn’t a single vacant spot. There were lots of apples hanging from every branch. All the apples looked juicy and tasty. But only one of them was completely different from the others. It looked like any other, but it had magic powers.

The Magic Apple Tree – Johana Součková, Moravian High School – Graphic Design

One day Rozi was walking in the garden. A little girl with yellow hair like a dandelion and tiny glasses perched on her little nose. She held a book in her hand. She loved to sit under a tree in the grass and read. But this time something was different.

By the time Rozi finished the page, she had sneezed several times and kept coughing. Her nose was red as she kept wiping it with her tissue. And every time she bent down to the book, snot came out of her nose. It made her cranky. She slammed the book down beside her and lay on her back in the grass. Still she coughed and coughed.

Fairytale - Magic apple
Magic Apple Tree, Annie I.

“Shouldn’t you be at home, lying in your crib, if you have such a cold?” A voice echoed from somewhere nearby. Rosi jumped up and looked around, but saw no one. “Who’s talking?” She asked. “It’s me. The apple tree you sit by almost every day and read a book by.” Rosi looked up at the tree. “And have you always been able to talk? Why didn’t you ever tell me anything?” Rozi asked in amazement. “There was no reason to tell you anything. But now that I see how sick you are, I can’t keep quiet. Rozi, you come here almost every day. You have read several books in my garden by my trunk. But you’ve never taken an apple from the tree. Why?” continued the apple tree.

“Because I don’t eat fruit,” replied the little girl immediately. The apple tree thought about it and then said, “I’ll tell you a secret. This garden is beautiful and extraordinary. The fruit of one tree here is magical. If you eat its fruit regularly, you will not get sick. The magic tree is me. Try to take an apple from me and you’ll feel better. Besides, I’m wearing so many of them, they’re weighing me down. My branches are bending. Please help me and pick some apples.”

Rosi looked at the tree and thought. She wanted to be healthy, but she just didn’t like fruit. But when she sneezed a few more times and her chest hurt after coughing, she changed her mind. She picked a few apples and ate one right away. She thanked the apple and went home to take a nap.

A few days later, Rozi walked around the garden as healthy as a turnip. She found the magic tree and thanked it very much for the apples that had healed her. But more importantly, Rozi had fallen in love with the fruit. And not just the magic ones!

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