Butterfly Fairy

Once upon a time there was a meadow full of beautiful flowers. And under one such pink flower lived the beautiful fairy Amelia. This fairy had beautiful green wings in the shape of a butterfly, which is why her fairy friends often called her “Butterfly”.

Amelia or Butterfly was a very beautiful fairy and the other fairies often envied her beauty. Amelia was beautiful but sad because she had no voice. She had tried everything, she tried to speak, to sing, but every attempt was unsuccessful. Amelia wished so much that one day she would get her voice back.

On a spring day, when the birds were twittering high in the sky and the fairies were playing happily and hopping on the flower petals, a violent storm interrupted their dance. The blue sky turned to black clouds and heavy drops fell quickly on the grass blades and petals, which stuck together under the weight of the water. The fairies and other bugs in the meadow tried to hide, but it was dark and they couldn’t see anything. The fairies couldn’t even fly, because everyone knows that neither bees, butterflies nor fairies can fly in the rain. The fairies were very frightened and began to run away from the drops.

Butterfly Fairy
Butterfly Fairy

Amelia lost her friends in the rush. However, the little fairy found a huge tulip flower, under which she hid. Amelia pulled another tulip flower towards her to create more cover from the storm, and tried to shake the drops from her glittering green wings. She was very clever. When her beautiful wings were dry, she tried to fly to call her friends to her hiding place, but she could not fly among the drops, and because she had no voice, she could not call them. It made her unhappy as she watched from a distance as her friends ran sadly among the grass without seeing Amelia. She tried her best, but she never made a sound.

“Try to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just believe it with all your heart,” advised the butterfly that had come to hide with her. The butterfly grabbed her little hand, squeezed it hard, and repeated his advice. Amelia nodded dumbly, took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and hoped that she would do it. A small tear rolled down her cheek. It was a tear of happiness. “Come hide with me!” Amelia finally let out in a soft voice. The other fairies immediately noticed her and ran over to her to hide. “How is that possible? Are you talking again? That’s amazing!” They asked her in surprise, rejoicing with her.

The fairies began to dry their wings under the flower and began to dance with joy with Amelia. Amelia didn’t understand how this happened… She turned to thank her butterfly friend who had landed next to her, but no one was there. Interesting. Was it real, or was it just in her head, she asked herself.

But it wasn’t important whether the conversation with the butterfly was real or not, what was important was that the little fairy was beginning to believe in herself. It was a hope she had, even in the dark storm. Hope in the sign of the butterfly within her. And it’s important to believe, and she believed so strongly that it worked, or her friends wouldn’t have heard her.

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