Good fairies Elisa and Elvina

When the sun rises in the morning and illuminates the whole earth, something strange appears in the sky. A little cloud floats in the sky, fluffy like a cloud and looking like cotton candy. Other clouds are white or blue, but this one is a pinkish colour. That’s because it’s magical. It’s got two fairy-tale beings sitting on it. They’re fairies. One is called Elisa and the other is called Elvina.

These two fairies sit on their pinkish clouds since early in the morning, travelling around the sky all over the world. They make sure that people are well and sometimes use their magical powers to help or push people. Elisa and Elvina are good fairies who like to have fun.

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Good fairies Elisa and Elvina

One day when the fairies were sitting on a cloud, floating in the sky and looking down at the people on the ground, they noticed two people acting strangely. A young girl was walking and walking her dog in the park. A handsome young man walked by… As they were passing by each other, they looked at each other shyly, smiled and nodded in greeting. They just walked by. But as they walked a little further, the girl turned to the boy. When she wasn’t looking, the young man turned to her again. Both of them could wring their necks to look at each other again. It went on like this every morning and every day.

After a week, Elisa said, “Elvina, this week we cheered up the children by building them a magical endless slide. We helped the parents not to argue. We made sure the park thief went to jail. We can’t deal with those two here? I mean, it’s pretty clear they like each other, they look at each other. What are we gonna do?”

Elvina pondered, then smiled ruefully and said, “I know. We’ll just make them bump into each other. When they pass by tomorrow, we’ll just tie them up.” “No, we can’t do that, they’ll be scared!” Elisa rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it all figured out,” replied Elvina.

The next day a really pink cloud flew slowly over the park. Two fairies sat on it, waiting for a girl and her dog and a young man to pass by. When they saw them from a distance, Elvina just whispered: “Look and don’t laugh too loud.”

Elvina began to wave her arms, a small swirl of faint pink breeze forming between her palms. She swirled her hands around for so long, as if she was modeling a windy pink ball in her palms. After a moment, she grasped the magic ball in her palm and threw it with all her strength towards the girl. The ball hit her dog’s butt and he ran so fast that he almost ripped the leash out of the girl’s hand. The dog ran and ran and the girl ran after him as he pulled on her leash.

The fairy, meanwhile, was guiding the dog from the cloud to run to the boy who was walking opposite. The girl called to the dog to slow down, but the spell from the fairy was stronger. The dog quickly ran to the young boy. The girl didn’t have time to stop and bumped into him. He caught her so she wouldn’t fall, and while they stood in a surprised embrace, the fairy guided the dog to circle them several times so that they were tangled in the leash and couldn’t move. When Elisa saw what had happened, she was rolling on the floor laughing.

From then on, every morning the fairies saw the girl and the young man going for a walk together. Thanks to the fairies, they found their way to each other. All the fairies had to do was nudge them.

If you ever see a cloud that looks different from the others, maybe it’ll be the one on which Elisa and Elvina are sitting. The fairies are always flying around the sky, making sure everything is as it should be.

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