The Well of Wishes and Answers

Far outside the town, so far that there were no houses or buildings, there was a well. It was very deep. The water in it was beautifully clean. There was a bucket hanging on the edge of the well. It could be lowered down and anyone who wanted to could draw water and drink. But it wasn’t ordinary water. Nor was the well ordinary. It was the well of wishes and answers.

Tales of its magical powers spread throughout the area. It was said that all you had to do was walk up to the well, draw water from it, say a magic sentence and then ask anything. The well was said to always know the answer. People who stopped at the well and asked their questions would get their answers and be happy.

Tale for Reading - The Well Of Wishes And Answers
The Well Of Wishes And Answers

Even the little rascal Jasper found out about this well. He was a naughty and proud boy. He made fun of everyone, taunted everyone and always boasted that he was the strongest in the whole town. His eyes were full of mischief. And because he was like that, he went straight to the well. On the way, he wondered what questions he would ask the well. When he came to it, he took a bucket, drew some water and said: “A wishing well with water at the bottom, give me the answers if you got’em.” Then he drank a little of her water. And then he quickly said his questions. “Who is the strongest in the city? And who is the smartest in town and the prettiest? Isn’t it me?” The well was silent. Jasper leaned in, straining his ears, but the well made no sound.

Jasper got angry and started kicking the well in anger, shouting, “Answer me right now, you stupid well.” And he kicked it with all his might, so hard that his finger hurt. At that moment the water began to ripple and rise in the well. The whole well began to shake as if there was a small earthquake. The water rose up to the edge of the well and splashed out at Jasper. He was holding his leg, which was sore from the last kick, and he was also soaking wet. He looked ridiculous.

A voice came from the well. “Jasper, you asked who was the strongest and smartest in town. You wanted me to answer that you were. But by the way you acted, you showed yourself that you’re not. You’re not dumb, but you’re acting like it, and that’s worse. Go home, think about your questions more carefully and then come back. Apologize to me and then ask whatever you want. Maybe then you’ll get an answer.”

Jasper went home. He was wet, angry and sore. He stayed home for a long time thinking about what had happened. Several months passed and Jasper went to the well again. He drew the water from the well, said the magic spell, took a drink, and then asked his question: “Well, have you forgiven me? Can I ask you a question?” The water began to rise, the well began to shake, and Jasper was already covering himself, expecting to be splashed at again. But this time the water stopped at the edge, gently began to clear, and a voice came out of the well. “I’m glad you asked. Yes. I’ll answer everything for you now.” Jasper smiled, glad that the well could tell he was sincere.

He had learned a lot that day. From then on, Jasper often went to the well. Not only had he learned how to ask questions, but he had also learned how not to think only of himself, and so he learned to be happy. In time, he knew the answer to everything and was the smartest, all because he changed.

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