A fish on her way to see dolphins

Once upon a time there was a little fish that lived with her family under a coral reef. A little goldfish called Rory. One day, Rory decided to go on a long journey because she wanted to discover a clear sea full of dolphins.

She had always admired them. So Rory said goodbye to her family and set off on her journey. She swam and swam, meeting many fishes, octopuses and creatures she didn’t know along the way, but not all the animals were kind to her. But she was small and nimble, and somehow she always managed to swim away from the danger that awaited her in waters she did not know. When Rory swam across a dark sea that she didn’t know and wasn’t as beautiful as her home, she began to fear that she would never reach the dolphin valley. But she had a feeling she was close. She could feel it in her fins.

A Fish On Her Way To See Dolphins
A Fish On Her Way To See Dolphins

When her little golden fin got caught in a big net. She tried as hard as she could, but she couldn’t get out. Someone was fishing right there. “Help, help!!!” screamed Rory for help as she struggled to get out of the net. She didn’t know what was happening, she saw something big above her, it was a boat.

Suddenly, a small turtle appeared beside her and bravely bit through the net and rescued Rory the fish. “Come on, we have to swim away quickly,” the turtle told her. “Hi, I’m Kory!” smiled the little green turtle as they both swam away to safety. “Thank you for saving me. I don’t know what it was, but I would have stayed there without you,” Rory told her sadly.

Little Rory then told Kory about her plan to get to the dolphins and the clear sea. She wanted to learn to swim like them. Kory decided to accompany her new friend Rory on her journey. So Rory met a new friend who not only saved her, but decided to accompany her on her journey to see the dolphins. But did our brave pair make it to Dolphin Valley? What else awaited Rory and Kory in the sea? That, dear children, we will find out in the next part.

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