Fish, turtle and shark

Dear children, I’m sure you remember our friends Rory the fish and Kory the green turtle trying to cross the big ocean to get to a clear sea full of playful dolphins. In today’s story, we find out how their journey continued.

Rory and Kory swam merrily along, hoping that soon they would meet a happy dolphin who would take them to the place Rory had always dreamed of. “Hey, do you know how to get to Dolphin Valley?” Rory asked the little seahorse that was swimming near the green seaweed. Of course, the seahorse just shook his head shyly. Later, during their journey, the two friends met a lovely lady octopus playing in the sand at the bottom of the sea. A large, purple octopus was playing with small shells and tossing them between its tentacles. She introduced herself to them as Olina. “Oh yes, you go through those reefs and you’re there!” Olina pointed one of her tentacles at them and continued playing with the little shells. Rory thanked her nicely and they continued on their journey.

Fish, Turtle And Shark
Fish, Turtle And Shark

As they swam across the reefs, little Kory spotted a dolphin. “Hey, there’s a dolphin! We must be close!” Kory the turtle called to Rory. Rory the goldfish didn’t hesitate and they both swam quickly to the big, blue dolphin. However, as the friends got closer to the dolphin, they began to realize that there were no fish or other creatures around it, which doesn’t happen that often in the sea. So Rory quickly thought about it and realized that it was not a dolphin, but a shark. The fish and its friend Kory were so frightened that they couldn’t move. It was too late to escape. The big shark was right in front of them. Their greatest fear was right in front of them. But Rory wasn’t afraid. She was determined to face her fear and she spoke up.

“Hello, do you know how we can get to Dolphin Valley…? Me, we… we want to go there a lot,” the little fish told him shyly. “You’re not afraid of me?” asked the shark in surprise. “No!” Said the little fish, who, though afraid, was determined to find what she was looking for. The shark smiled at the fish and spoke. “You don’t have to be afraid of me. Everyone is afraid of me, that’s why I’m alone, no one wants to play or swim with me. I don’t like other sharks, they are not nice like me. I only eat plankton and algae,” he told them sadly. Rory and Kory looked at each other, gathered their courage and asked the shark if he wanted to find the dolphin valley with them. He enthusiastically agreed and not only accompanied them the whole way, but protected them as well. He knew they were smaller and he had to protect them. He introduced himself to them as Tim. Tim may have been a shark, but he wasn’t bad, he didn’t eat fish like other sharks, he was just sad and lonely and that changed when he met Rory and Kory.

And so the three friends, who were different but united by their purpose and camaraderie, decided to find the dolphin valley. So Kory the turtle, Rory the goldfish, and Tim the shark were swimming across the reefs when the water in front of them began to turn crystal clear. Dolphins appeared in front of them, swimming and jumping happily above the surface of the sea. Rory couldn’t believe her eyes, she had made it. Actually, they had made it. If one little fish hadn’t found the courage to meet two new friends, she wouldn’t have been able to do what she did with them. They were united by a purpose and she knew she had discovered not only Dolphin Valley, but also made new friends.

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