Dozy the Elf and the Stars

When night comes, a sliver of the moon appears in the sky and stars start to flicker around it. Some of them shine more, some less. But all of them look very pretty in the sky. If you look at the moon really well, you can see someone sitting on it. That’s Dozy the Elf. He sits on the moon, swinging his feet in the air. His sky-silver coat sparkles beautifully in the black sky and his glittery hair blows in the air.

Every night, Dozy the Elf sits on the moon and watches over children who are falling asleep. If by any chance a child can’t fall asleep, Dozy the Elf has to take care of them. He can see all the children from the moon. And that’s good. That way, no child needs to be afraid that they wouldn’t fall asleep in the end. That they would have to deal with it alone. But sometimes it’s not easy to help a child fall asleep. Sometimes, the elf has to use all of his magical power to make sure all children are sleeping nicely. That’s exactly what happened one winter night.

Dozy The Elf And The Stars
Dozy The Elf And The Stars

It was Friday evening. In all the children’s rooms, the lights were slowly being extinguished, parents were giving the last goodnight kisses, and darkness was settling outside. The moon rose into the sky and on it sat the night elf Dozy. With his light telescope, he looked everywhere, checking whether the children were sleeping. Just as he thought that everything was in order and that the night would be calm, stars floated toward him across the sky and called from a distance: “Sleep emergency! Dozy! Sleep emergency.”

“Where? What’s going on?” the elf asked, looking around. “Over there, in the orange house to the right. In the attic room, there’s a little boy called Damian. All of his lights are off, but he can’t sleep. His eyes are wide open. And it’s late already. He should be sleeping but he can’t seem to doze off,” the stars told him. “Alright, stars, we’re heading his way!” Dozy decided and swung down from the moon. With his magical power, he created a glittery path across the sky. He slid alongside it nicely, as if he were skating.

When he reached Damian’s house, he approached his window. He sprinkled a little bit of his light sky glow so that Damian wouldn’t be afraid. When the little boy saw it, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Quickly, he sat down on the bed, waiting for what would happen next. Meanwhile, Dozy the elf drew on the window with the help of the stars, using his sparkly sky dust to write. He was asking Damian why he couldn’t sleep, telling him that he would be happy to help him. That’s why he was here, after all – to help children. As Damian was reading the magical, glowing messages on the window, he started smiling.

But then he grew sadder and said: “I’m afraid to fall asleep because I’m afraid of the dark. When the lights go out, everything is scary. And I’m all alone here. I’m afraid to close my eyes because the darkness is even bigger then.” Dozy the Elf knew what to do. He reached inside his pocket and pulled out a little bit of his shining star dust. He crumbled it between his fingers and gently blew it into Damian’s room through a tiny gap in the window. The dust magically flew onto the room’s walls and stayed there. Faintly and beautifully, it lit up the area around Damian’s bed. Then Dozy the elf whispered through the window: “Don’t be scared anymore, Damian. As long as you wish, the star dust will give you a little bit of light every evening. Me and the stars will keep an eye on it. And in time you will realize that darkness is just darkness and that you don’t have to be afraid. But until then, you can rely on us. So, sweet dreams!” The elf waited for a little while to make sure that Damian would truly close his eyes and fall asleep. Then he returned to his moon.

Since then, Damian has grown and isn’t afraid of the dark anymore. But he will never forget that when he was afraid, he wasn’t alone. That was the only way to overcome the fear. And even though he is big now, he looks at the moon and the sky every night to see if he might catch a glimpse of Dozy the elf and the stars there as they help someone else this time.

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