Yellow and his dream

Once upon a time there was a little duckling. His name was Yellow and he lived by a small lake full of happy little fish. From the moment Yellow first saw the sun, he was always alone. He only vaguely remembered his little brothers and sisters. His friends were just small, playful fish who always helped him and taught him everything.

Yellow learned to swim and eat and was very clever. He was very grateful to his friends, the fish, for everything.

But as the days went by, the little duckling was very sad, and for days he just lay on the green grass by the pond, because he missed his family very much, even though he didn’t remember them very much. He hoped and dreamed that one day he would meet them again. His fish friends, however, didn’t understand what was happening to him. But Yolk didn’t give up and every night he hoped to see his family again, it was his big dream.

Yellow And His Dream
Yellow And His Dream

One sunny day, as the birds chirped happily and chased each other across the sky above the clear pond, Yellow was just swimming in the pond and washing his yellow wings when he heard a sound. The duckling did not understand what the sound was, and immediately turned around. A beautiful white swan appeared behind him. Yellow didn’t believe his eyes. He opened his little beak in amazement and swam closer to him. “Hi, I’m Yellow, you’re so beautiful, I wish I was like that too,” he said sadly. The swan swam closer to the little duckling. “You’re beautiful too, you’re just a little one, where are your mother and siblings?” He asked in surprise, looking around the pond. “I don’t know what I remember, I’m here,” the duckling replied sadly. The swan leaned over to him and said, “There is another pond next to us behind that tall grass and it is full of ducklings. I can take you there if you like.” Yellow couldn’t believe his ears and quickly rushed out of the water to be led there by the nice swan. “Thank you for everything, I will come and visit you,” said the duckling to his fish friends. 

Swan cheerfully led Yellow through the tall grass, where crickets were chirping happily, to the next pond. “We’ll be right there,” she said to the duckling, who followed her. When they were at the small lake that appeared before them from behind the tall grass, a small black cat suddenly appeared. The cat meowed at  Swan and was about to scratch her when the little Yellow ran up and pushed the cat, who fell into the water. And cats hate water. The cat got scared, ran out of the water and got lost in the grass. “Thank you for saving me, you are very brave,” said Swan. “Hey, there’s your family!” Swan exclaimed cheerfully and flew away. “Thank you for helping me!” shouted the duckling happily. His dream had come true. He quickly adjusted his yellow feathers and ran towards his mother and siblings who were already running towards him. 

It was then that Yellow realized, there was no reason to give up, but to always believe that everything would work out. Even though he was alone, he eventually got behind his family. Yellow is still a fearless and playful duckling and often goes to visit his fishy friends or Swan. He is very grateful to them.

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