How the animals raced in the snow

The animals decided to have a race on the highest snow-covered hill behind the village. Five animals were ready to start. Each of them wanted to win, so they chose the fastest machine they had. Who will be the first at the bottom of the hill? Let’s go, get ready, watch out, steady and gooo! 

The animals bounced off and raced down the hill. The lead was taken by Peggy the guinea pig, who crawled into a small pot. Right behind him came Aya the cat on a bobsled and Donnie the donkey on a sledge. But what’s happening at the start? The lamb Bert has just started. He was late because he was still refilling his plastic bag with wool, on which he is finally sliding down the hill. He would have been the last if Azor the dog hadn’t gotten his skis tangled up. Azor fell nose first into a snowdrift. That eliminated him from the race.

How the animals raced in the snow.  Image source:

The four racers rush down the hill. Who will be the first to cross the finish line? Aya the cat is already halfway, but her bobsleigh has picked up so much speed that Aya is terrified. She gracefully jumps off the bobsled into the snow and sits on the fence along the track. The racer became a spectator. Can you guess how many racers are left?

So the race continues with three racers – Donnie the donkey on a sledge, Bert the lamb on a plastic bag and Peggy the guinea pig in a pot. Bert the lamb has picked up a lot of speed and overtaken Donnie’s sledge. 

„You’re crawling like a snail donkey!” he shouted at Donnie. But it was no use taunting his rival. He was not paying attention to the road, he went off the rutted track and landed in the arms of a snowman built by the children. That was the end of the race for him.

Only Donnie the donkey on a sledge and Peggy the guinea pig in a pot are competing. Everyone wants to win the race. The pot with Peggy the guinea pig is spinning, but successfully racing to the finish line. Donnie the donkey would like to be as fast. He thought he would push himself with his hooves. Only his feet touched the ground, dug into the snow, and the sleigh braked sharply. Donniel the donkey did not expect that and rolled off of them into the snow. He rolled down the hill like a sack of potatoes.

How the animals raced in the snow.  Image source:

Donkey Donnie rolled to the finish line second. Just ahead of him, Peggy the guinea pig whizzed across the finish line. 

„Hail the guinea pig! It reached the finish line first!”

„We must practice better for the next race,” sighs Donnie the donkey.

„Well, well,” agrees Azor the dog.

„And I’ll get a better machine,” adds Aya the cat.

That evening the animals went to bed all excited to repeat the race tomorrow.

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