How the puppy went into the snow

The puppy went out into the snow on its own. It saw snow for the first time in its life, so it treaded carefully at first. It was cold in his paws. But then big snowflakes started falling and the puppy got excited.

„I’m going to catch a snowflake,“ he rejoiced, and began to paw at the flakes with his snout. He jumped and jumped, but soon got tired of it. The snowflakes were small and melted on his tongue.

How the puppy went into the snow. Image source:

„I’ll catch something better and bigger,“ it said to itself and ran on.

On the path by the field it began to paw furiously until the snow and dirt flew away. The puppy smelled a mouse and tried to dig for it. But the mouse lived hidden in the ground. The puppy got tired of digging and soon gave up.

„I’ll let the mouse be a mouse,“ it thought, „it would be small anyway. I’ll catch something bigger.“

And it went on the snow again. On the way it met a big white man with a pot on his head and a strange nose. The puppy got scared and started barking at him. But the master didn’t move.

„He’s not afraid of me?“ wondered the puppy.

The puppy gently scratched the white master with his paw, but the master still stood and smiled at him with his coal black teeth. 

„You’re not going to laugh at me,“ he raged.

„The puppy barked, jumped up, and chomped the strange man on the nose. How surprised he was when a carrot remained in his mouth. But he was no gentleman either, but a snowman! When the puppy had eaten the carrot, he went on hunting. He wouldn’t come home without a good catch! It came to a pile of wood. Someone was snoring under it. 

„Ha,“ says the puppy, „I’ll dig up the sleeper under the wood and catch it.“

The puppy started digging. It dug a hole under the wood and crawled in up to its belly. It was about to grab the sleeper, but ouch! The little animal that looks like a round ball is poking its mouth! The puppy squealed and ran quickly home. At home, he told his mother about the strange snoring ball that pricked his mouth when he wanted to pick it up.

Can you guess what animal the puppy caught?

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