About the Tooth Fairy and Mia

Once upon a time there was a curly-haired little girl named Mia. Little Mia lived with her parents on a farm full of all kinds of animals. She liked to take care of piglets and cows, but most of all she loved her little dog,Goody. Mia was an obedient little girl and always helped her parents on the farm, but the only thing she didn’t like was brushing her teeth.

Her mother didn’t know what to do with Mia anymore. Every morning before going to school, the little girl struggled with her toothbrush and toothpaste. There were days when Mia lied to her mother and didn’t brush her teeth. And you can’t lie! In order to have healthy and nice white teeth, we must brush them properly every day, her mother always told Mia. But Mia didn’t let her mother tell her. The toothbrush just wasn’t her friend! The little girl didn’t understand why we had to brush our teeth properly every morning and evening and why we couldn’t eat so many sweets.

About The Tooth Fairy And Mia
About The Tooth Fairy And Mia

One day after school, when Mia had done all her homework like a big first grader, she went to eat dinner. For dinner, her mom made her favorite grits with an apple. That’s when it happened! Mia’s first milk tooth started to wobble. Mia bit into the apple a second time and the tooth fell right out and it didn’t even hurt! “See, it didn’t hurt because even if you don’t want to, you still brush your teeth sometimes!” her mother said nicely and stroked her little girl’s hair. However, Mia quickly forgot about it and in the evening her mother again tried to explain to Mia the importance of brushing her teeth and tried to help her with the naughty toothbrush. Mia, however, resisted again and brushed her teeth very badly. “Put your dropped tooth under your pillow, and if you continue to brush your teeth properly every morning and evening and don’t fight with your toothbrush, the tooth fairy will come and visit you!” Mia’s mother said. Mia obediently put her milk-dropped tooth under her pillow, covered herself and her doggie Goody under the covers and waited for the magic tooth fairy to come for her tooth. Mia waited and waited, but still the magic tooth fairy did not come. So she jumped to her feet, peeked out the window where her little piggies in the yard just looked at her, but the fairy was still nowhere to be found!

Sad Mia lay down in bed again, covered herself and her little dog, and was almost asleep when she heard the rustling of wings. She opened her blue eyes, but saw no one in her room, but still heard the soft flutter of wings. “I will only show myself to you if you listen to your mother and start brushing your teeth morning and night!” came a voice from somewhere in her pink room, which was lit only by the light of the moon. But Mia didn’t see anyone. “I will, I will, I promise, just please show yourself!” Mia said, but she was so tired that she was slowly falling asleep.

But did the little curly-haired girl keep her promise? Did she see the magic tooth fairy? That, little children, is what you will find out in the next part of the tale of Mia.

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