How Mia started brushing her teeth

I’m sure you remember the story of Mia, the curly-haired girl who didn’t want to brush her teeth. Was Mia persuaded by a magical fairy who visited her little room one evening? We’re about to find out! After the fairy’s visit, which Mia didn’t see because the fairy didn’t show up and never called her again, she thought she’d change.

She got up first thing in the morning, looked under her pillow, but her little milk tooth was still there. Never mind, I’ll brush it properly and she’ll be sure to come back for it and show me, the little girl told herself and ran to the bathroom to brush her teeth. “Mia, what’s wrong? Are you brushing your teeth?” Mommy asked in surprise. “Yes, the tooth fairy told me that she would come and show herself only if I listened and brushed my teeth honestly!” Mia replied to her mother. Mummy was very happy and hoped that the little girl would be okay and it wasn’t just some invention of hers. After breakfast, Mia went to give her dog Goody some more to eat and helped her daddy feed his favourite piglets. Then her mother took her to school. 

How Mia Started Brushing Her Teeth
How Mia Started Brushing Her Teeth

At school, Mia told her fairy story to all her classmates. “Do you think it’s true? What if you just dreamed it?” Michael asked her. “Of course it’s true! If you brush your teeth properly and a baby tooth falls out, the tooth fairy will come to see you!” Said the little girl convincingly. But the little boy didn’t believe her and started laughing. “You’ll see I’m right!” said the little girl proudly, adjusting her pink dress. She didn’t mind that the little boy didn’t believe her, because she did, and that was important. After school, Mia came home and helped her parents work on the farm in addition to her schoolwork. After working on the farm came a delicious dinner. However, Mommy was curious if Mia would go brush her own teeth. And so she did! After dinner, the little girl ran straight to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Her parents were overjoyed. After the evening hygiene her mother read Mia and of course her dog Goody a bedtime story, kissed her on the forehead and left. But the little girl was still awake, waiting for the tooth fairy. As the little girl was falling asleap, she heard the flutter of wings again. “Well, Mia, I saw that you kept your promise and cleaned your teeth, and I hope you will keep it up!” said the magic fairy, whom Mia still couldn’t see. 

“Yes, it will stay. I will brush my teeth all the time – morning and evening!” said the little girl cheerfully. Suddenly a little fairy appeared in front of Mia on the cot. The tooth fairy was hovering over the duvet, with only her pretty blue dress dangling. “Okay, I’ll take you at your word and I hope you keep your promise!” said the fairy, waving her magic wand. “I’ll see you when your milk tooth falls out again!” The fairy added as Mia fell asleep. In the morning, the little girl no longer found her milk tooth under her pillow, but a few crowns, and even a small blue feather from the fairy’s wing. “She took my milk tooth!” Said the little girl cheerfully to her mother as she went to brush her teeth in the morning.

And has Curly Mia kept her promise and is she still brushing her teeth? Of course! The little girl now brushes her teeth faithfully every morning and evening, even not eating so much candy anymore, waiting for the next baby tooth to fall out to meet her tooth fairy friend. And was it just a dream or did it really happen? That’s up to you dear kids and you’ll find out when you brush your teeth properly.

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