The Law of the Wolves

Far away in deep woods there lived a pack of wolves. They took care of each other, helped each other, and always stuck together. They had their own wolf laws and rules which everyone adhered to. No one was allowed to break them. The pack included young wolves and old wolves, female and male ones. They protected each other and lived happily together.

One day, a young wolf was walking through the forest alone when suddenly he heard strange noises. They were coming from somewhere in the bushes. They were the sounds of a baby animal, but not a wolf pup. The wolf came closer in order to find out who was making the noises. When he spotted who it was, he leapt back, crouching low. It was a human child. A small girl was cowering in the bushes.

The Law Of The Wolves
The Law Of The Wolves

When the child saw the wolf, she startled and hid deeper in the bushes. But after a while the small girl took courage, extended a hand towards the wolf, and said calmly: “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you. I’m lost and I’m scared. Can you help me find the village where people live so that I can return home?”

The wolf stood motionless, looking at the little girl. He stared into her eyes and at that moment, it was as if some sort of warmth was spreading through his body. A pleasant sort of magic that made him step closer to her hand. Gently, he sniffed it. He’d never smelled such a sweet scent! Somewhere deep inside he knew that he had to help her. And so he supported her with his body and led her out of the forest.

He guided her all the way to the village and then gently nudged her to make her understand that she had to continue on her own now. He watched the girl from a distance to make sure she arrived safely. When he saw other people take her into their arms, he went back to his pack, satisfied.

A few days passed and the wolf was walking through the forest once more. But suddenly he caught a whiff of the familiar sweet scent in the air. He started turning around, looking for its source. And then he saw it. There, behind a tree, stood the girl he’d saved.

When she saw the wolf, she ran to him, hugging him. “I knew I’d find you! I didn’t get lost today, I came to find you. I wanted to thank you for guiding me home the other time. I really missed you,” the girl whispered into his ear. That same warm magic filled the wolf again. He knew what it meant. The wolf had accepted the girl. He knew that he had a strong bond with her. And that he would protect her from now on, as if she belonged to his pack, even though she lived with other people. The bond he’d formed would never be destroyed by anyone.

After some time, the little girl grew a little older. She grew fast. This whole time, she often came to see her wolf rescuer in the forest. And he always waited for her. None of the other wolves ever harmed her. They knew that if one of them had a bond with her, she was a part of the pack. And that’s the law of the wolves.

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