Naughty John and cake

Once upon a time there was a village and in that village there was a little coloured kindergarten. It was colourful because the teachers decorated it with different pretty rainbow colours. And it was to this colourful kindergarten that a little restless boy named John went.

He didn’t have many friends in his kindergarten because he never listened and was always naughty. John’s best and only friend was a little girl called Alice. Blond Alice was a good girl, she listened to the teacher and always tried to correct John or help him or give him advice. But John didn’t listen to the teacher or to his friend Alice. The teacher always tried to explain to him nicely that he had to listen. But John would not listen.

Fairy Tale For Children Disobedient Naughty John and cake
Naughty John and cake, Annie I.

It bothered him that somebody else was giving him orders, because he listens to his mummy and daddy at home too – clean up your toys, don’t run away, wash your hands… always the same. He didn’t want to listen to Alice either, and she was very sad about it, but because she liked him, she continued to play with him and tried to explain to him that the teacher had to obey. One sunny day the children were playing in the nursery yard. The teacher gave them a very important task. She handed out moulds to all the little children and told them to “bake” a sand cake. “Can we decorate it with flowers too?” Alice asked curiously. The teacher nodded and the children started to work. John, of course, worked next to his friend Alice. “Here, let’s add sugar and chocolate! And decorate it with flowers!” Alice said and sprinkled sand, like sugar, on her creation. She ran to the grass to pick a yellow dandelion to put on top of the cake. She was very clever. “Great, Alice, your cake looks delicious!” The teacher praised her and smiled.

John also tried to make his cake, but he was not very successful. The brown-haired boy got angry and cried that Alice and his other classmates had a more beautiful sand cake. However, the teacher tried not only to support him but also to help him with the cake. “John, try a little less sand and try to catch the mould like this,” she showed him, “and then it will work, you’ll see!” said the teacher to John. But John didn’t want to listen to the teacher, got even angrier and threw his mould so unluckily that it hit Alice’s cake and it fell apart. Alice cried and ran to the teacher. The little girl was very angry with her friend. “I don’t want to be friends with you anymore! You threw away the mould and ruined my cake, and that’s only because you don’t listen to the teacher!” she shouted.

John was very sad, because he didn’t want to throw the mould into Alice’s cake. He was sorry. When the children went to class, John was very worried. Alice did not talk to him and played with other children. “Can I play with you?” asked John sadly to Alice and his classmate Lucy. The girls shook their heads and continued to play with the puzzle on their own. The teacher advised John to apologise to his best friend, and for the first time he listened nicely.

“I’m sorry, Alice, I didn’t mean to… I promise I won’t get upset anymore and I’ll listen!” John said sadly and turned to walk away. Alice jumped up on her little legs, adjusted her pink dress and hugged John. “If you listen, we can be friends again!” She said cheerfully, taking John’s little hand so they could go play with the puzzle together.

The teacher was very happy that John had apologised so nicely and that they were friends with Alice again, she was also very happy that he had listened to her so nicely. From that day on John started to listen to the teacher and not only that, he even made other friends in the kindergarten, just because he improved his behaviour and listened. And so one little failed cake and an accident with a mould gave John more than he could have wished for.

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