The Rescued Princess

Children, you surely remember the story of the evil queen, Zelda the witch, who bewitched her beautiful daughter, Princess Julia. The wicked witch turned her into a dove and the princess lost her power to cast spells. For years, Princess Julia waited for someone to rescue her. When Prince Kristian from a nearby kingdom heard about this, he decided to rescue the beautiful princess.

The prince mounted his horse and raced through the mountains and forests to rescue the beautiful princess, who was trapped somewhere in Queen Zelda’s castle. As the prince rode past tall poplar trees, a river appeared before him and beyond the river was a tall castle. This must be it, thought the prince, and he set off across the river. As he crossed the river, a large brown bear appeared before him and growled loudly. The prince had never seen such a big bear before, until he thought the bear was enchanted. But Prince Kristian was not afraid and did not give up. He drew his sword and swung it from side to side to scare the bear away. He slashed the bear’s paw, and before the bear had recovered, the prince was speeding away on his horse. And the bear escaped.

When a strong cold wind blew against the prince. “I am not afraid of you! Nor of your magic!” Prince Kristian shouted, heading for the castle. “But you should,” suddenly a great mist appeared in front of the prince, out of which came the witch Zelda, who controlled the cold wind. Zelda had long, black hair and wore a purple cloak. She was terrifying. But the prince was not afraid of her! Zelda waved her wand and the prince fell off his horse. He quickly got to his feet and drew his sword again. “Where is the princess?” He asked the Queen angrily. “No one will find her,” laughed Zelda the witch, standing in the large wooden doors of the castle. Christian, however, did not give up and ran into the castle. He pushed Zelda inside and locked her in the nearest chamber with all his strength. He searched every corner of the castle, but could not find the princess.

A Bedtimestory - The Rescued Princess
The Rescued Princess

“Try looking up in the Queen’s Tower,” Anna, the maid, advised him. The prince did not hesitate and ran up the tower. When he entered the tower, he found a cage and a beautiful white dove in it. He opened the cage, took the dove in his arms and hugged it tightly. “You are no longer alone, I have come to save you,” he whispered to the dove. Then the white dove turned into a beautiful, grown-up princess. Her beautiful brown hair was down to her waist. “Thank you for saving me,” said Julia, kissing the prince on the cheek. The princess had regained not only her beauty, but also her power. She waved her hand and transformed her tattered dress into a beautiful pink dress dotted with flowers. The prince couldn’t get enough of Julia. Oh, she was beautiful!

Just then, Queen Zelda rushed into the tower and was about to wave her wand when Julia stood in front of her and said, “I’m not afraid of you anymore, witches…” said the princess, waving her hands and turning her evil mother into a raven. The princess greeted everyone in the castle and turned the castle into a house full of joy and laughter. The gardens were again full of flowers and everyone rejoiced. And so joy and love reigned again in the castle. Princess Julia and Prince Kristian had a huge wedding and everyone in the castle was happy to have the princess back. The celebrations lasted for nights and days. 

And what happened to the evil Queen Zelda? She lives high in the tower, knowing how much evil she has done.

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