Chrissy and the tooth fairy

When it gets dark in the evening and the moon and stars appear in the sky instead of the sun, strange things start to happen. More like magical things.

Few people know what a fairy tale life begins at night. No sooner do the eyes of the last little girl and boy close than tiny wings begin to flutter and glow at the windows left ajar. They’re magical fairies. They fly silently and so that no one can see them. They’ll find a tiny crack in each nursery window and fly in. They’ll look through the crib the children are sleeping in and see if they can find a tooth that’s fallen out. If they find one, they take it to their fairy kingdom.

Tale at Night - Chrissy And The Tooth Fairy
Chrissy And The Tooth Fairy

Before they take it away, however, they scatter fairy powder on the crib so that the children will have good dreams and sometimes leave them something to remember them by. The adults can’t see or hear them. Never. But if a child woke up and was completely silent, maybe it would hear the rustling of wings and the chatter of a soft little voice. These fairies are quite talkative.

One night in a little room, when it was pitch black, a little girl woke up. Her name was Chrissy. She couldn’t sleep, so she was just lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling. At that moment, she heard a soft voice. “Oh yes, my arms hurt, my legs hurt, my wings hurt. What a terrible job. Those teeth are so big and heavy. If only I had some sort of backpack. But with one of these, my arms are going to fall off in a minute.”

Chrissy turned her attention to the shelf where the voice was coming from. On the edge of the shelf sat a tiny creature. It was a fairy. She was sitting on the corner, her legs down, and she just kept complaining. Suddenly, she got up and flew out the open window. Chrissy couldn’t believe her eyes. But she was sure it was no dream.

After a while, our little girl’s tooth started to wobble. When her tooth fell out, she put it in a box next to her bed. She hoped the fairy would come for it soon. She packed a little surprise with the tooth. She remembered how unhappy the fairy had been. So she made her a little backpack. She went to bed that night and left the window open for the fairy.

She had lovely dreams all night. When she woke up in the morning, neither the tooth nor the backpack was there. Just a penny as a souvenir and a little note with a message. “Thank you, Chrissy. Because you were thinking of me, I’m going to spray magic powder on your bed every night so you can have fairy dreams.” Since then, Chrissy sleeps sweetly and never closes the window.

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