Friends from the Black Forest

Beyond the iceberg and the black forests is a small kingdom. In it lives a wise king who has two cute and restless children. The little girl’s name is Rosie. She has beautiful brown eyes like chestnuts and long hair as black as a raven. Her cheeks are red and her skirt is always muddy. The boy’s name is Johnny. His brown hair stands on his head like pins and all we can see on his face is a smile.

Daddy King likes them very much. But because children are wild and restless, he often has many adventures with them. Today he knows he doesn’t have to worry about them. They have friends who protect them and help them. How does he know?

Fairy Tale For Children - Friends From The Black Forest
Friends From The Black Forest, Annie I.

One fine afternoon, the children agreed to play hide-and-seek. It was their favourite game. They took turns counting and hiding. When Johnny was counting, Rosie ran as far as she could to get a good hiding place. She hid near the black forest. In the distance she saw Johnny searching the surroundings, but he didn’t see Rosie. She crouched behind a large rock and tried to hide behind it completely but in a moment, the moss and leaves on which she was standing fell in and Rosie slid into the unknown. She couldn’t stop it. She tried to hold on to something, but there was nothing to hold on to. Suddenly she hit the ground. It was dark everywhere. Johnny was far away and even though she called out to him, he couldn’t hear her. She looked around her and suddenly saw some eyes glowing in the darkness beside her.

She was scared, but she had to find out who was there with her. She moved closer. She held out her hand, hoping nothing would happen to her. She heard a soft growl. She felt a cold snout on her palm. A chill ran down her spine. She was too scared. “Don’t worry, I don’t want to hurt you,” she whispered softly. She looked around to see who it was. Fear didn’t allow her to make a sudden move, so slowly but surely she peered into the darkness, trying to find out who was there. A wolf cautiously emerged from the darkness. Rosie froze. She didn’t know what to do. Suddenly the wolf did something she didn’t expect. He crept up on her and put his head under her hand. He showed her that she had nothing to fear. Rosie was relieved. A pleasant warmth washed over her, as if there was some magic between them. She knew the wolf wouldn’t hurt her. “Will you please help me?” She asked timidly. Suddenly, the animal tugged on her sleeve. It led her through a black forest tunnel. In a moment, the little girl saw a light. Many lights. These were the torches that everyone in the kingdom had when they were looking for the little princess. Rosie knelt down beside her rescuer. She hugged him with both arms and promised him. “I’ll never forget you, thank you.” The wolf licked her cheek in return and disappeared into the black forest.

Then when the little girl told everything to her daddy and brother, the king just smiled. He knew that there were friends in the black forest who could see the goodness in people. And he also knew that this was certainly not the last time these animal friends would help his children. As a sign of friendship and thanks, the king brought the best treats for the wolves to the black forest every day.

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