Magical Flowers

There once was a beautiful green valley. Flowers of different colours grew there. They all had a wonderful smell. Each one smelled different. All you had to do was close our eyes and breathe gently near one of them and you would get dizzy. But little did anyone know that each of these flowers had magical powers. When someone who was lying smelled it, green spots appeared on his face and body. He just turned almost all green. And it took a long time to get his color back.

Near this valley of magic flowers there was a small kingdom. There lived a beautiful princess named Millie. She was the prettiest and sweetest girl in the world. She knew about the magic power of flowers. Because Millie was so beautiful and kind, many princes wanted to marry her. But she was afraid. She wanted a husband who would tell the truth and not lie to her. So when a prince arrived, Millie took him for a walk in the valley. She blindfolded him with a scarf and led him among the fragrant, magical flowers. The prince was excited, hoping to get his first kiss from the princess. Instead, Millie whispered in his ear. “Take a deep breath.” As the prince took in the sweet scent of the flower, the princess waited to see what would happen. After a while, the prince’s hands began to turn green. Millie was clear about it. “I won’t marry this one. He would lie to me.” By the time they got back to the kingdom, the prince was green all over.

Tale for Reading - Magical Flowers
Magical Flowers

One day our princess was walking in the garden around her palace. She was sad because she didn’t think she’d find a truthful man who really loved her. Suddenly, she heard a pleasant voice from behind a tree. “Millie, I will make you happy, I love you very much.” When she looked closely, she saw a young man there. He wasn’t dressed like a prince. “Who are you and how come you know me?” Instead of answering, the young man just smiled. “Come with me to the valley, I know your magic flowers. I’ll take a breath and prove I’m not lying to you.” The princess was taken completely by surprise. But she wanted to know the truth. So they went together to the valley. They both breathed in and smelled every flower that was there. Their sweet scent completely overwhelmed them. They seemed to hear a thin voice on the wind. “Millie he has a pure heart, we know that for sure.” Not even after a moment did the young man show any green spot. The flowers made it clear. The princess was beside herself with happiness.

Later she learned that he was not a prince. That he was just a peasant from the next village. But what was important to her was that he didn’t lie to her. Over time, she fell in love with him and they married. And to be sure of their truthfulness, they took a walk together in the valley to the magic flowers. And they were happy that they never turned green.

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