Macy’s Lesson: Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Want

Macys Lesson Sometimes You Dont Get What You Want

Once upon a time, in the heart of Austin, Texas, there was a small kindergarten in a friendly neighborhood. The school was filled with joyful children who loved to learn and play together. Among these children, there was a young girl named Macy. She was a sweet and kind girl who always got what she wanted from her parents, and she loved to show off her new things to her classmates.

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Marco’s Lesson: It’s Not All About Me

Marcos Lesson Its Not All About Me

Once upon a time, in the heart of Chicago, there was a neighborhood called Little Italy. It was home to many Italian-Americans who were proud of their heritage and loved sharing it with others. Among the residents of Little Italy was a little boy named Marco. Marco was seven years old and went to kindergarten at St. Joseph’s School. He loved going to school and learning new things every day.

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