Mei’s Paper Crane: A Story About Friendship and Acceptance

In the heart of San Francisco, there is a small neighborhood called Chinatown. In this neighborhood, there is a little kindergarten where children would play, learn, and make friends.

One day, a new kid named Mei joined the class. Mei was from China and didn’t speak much English. The other kids were curious about her and wanted to play with her, but they didn’t know how to communicate with her.

During the day, the kids in the class would play with toys and share them with each other. But Mei didn’t have any toys to share, so she would just watch the other kids play.

At nap time, the kids would take their blankets and pillows and lay down on their mats. Mei had forgotten her blanket and pillow, so she had nothing to lay on. The teacher noticed and asked her what was wrong. Mei told her she forgot her blanket and pillow.

The teacher saw that the other kids had extra blankets and pillows, so she asked if they would share them with Mei. All the kids happily agreed to share, and Mei was finally able to lay down and take a nap.

The next day, Mei brought her favorite toy from China, a paper crane. When it was playtime, she showed the other kids how to make paper cranes. They were all very happy and grateful.

Mei's Paper Crane: A Story About Friendship and Acceptance
Mei’s Paper Crane: A Story About Friendship and Acceptance, Annie I.

But one day, when the kids were playing outside, a group of older kids from a different school came by and started teasing Mei. They called her names and made fun of her because she was from a different country.

The other kids in the class didn’t know what to do. They didn’t want to get in trouble, but they also didn’t want Mei to feel sad and alone.

The teacher noticed what was going on and came outside to see what was happening. She saw the older kids teasing Mei and knew she had to do something.

She gathered all the kids around and told them that Mei was special because she was from a different country. She told them that everyone is different and that’s what makes the world so interesting.

The teacher then asked the kids to think about how they would feel if someone made fun of them for being different. The kids realized that they wouldn’t like it, and they decided to stand up for Mei.

They walked over to the older kids and told them to stop teasing Mei. The older kids didn’t listen at first, but when they saw how many kids were standing up for Mei, they eventually left.

Mei was very grateful to the other kids for standing up for her. She realized that even though they were different, they were all the same in many ways.

As the night fell, the moon came out and the stars started twinkling. Mei snuggled into her cozy bed, happy that she had made new friends and had learned such an important lesson. And as she drifted off to sleep, she knew that she would have a great day at kindergarten tomorrow, with her new friends by her side.

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