Clumsy Princess Amelia

Beyond the deep woods and colourful meadows, the castle towered. And in that castle lived a beautiful princess named Amelia. The brown-haired princess was very curious. She was interested in everything, but she was not very good at anything.

She also wanted to be helpful and clever like a real princess or talented like her brother. But our princess was not good at singing, and even dancing was not right for her. So she decided to find what she was good at.

The princess put on her beautiful pink dress and made her way to the royal kitchen. Every woman can bake, it can’t be that hard, she thought. The royal baker gave her an easy task to start with, namely to mix the cake batter for the whole royal family. As Amelia stirred and stirred, a bee buzzed around her and Amelia became so upset that she inadvertently spilled all the batter on herself and the floor. And the cake was gone! And the young princess was covered in dough and flour.

The baker was angry and chased the princess out of the kitchen. I’d rather leave the baking to  the experts, she thought.

Clumsy Princess Amelia
Clumsy Princess Amelia

But the princess didn’t give up, dusted herself off and went looking for something else. This time she went to the gym where her brother was fencing. He was very skilled with a sword, and could really take down a dragon. “Will! You have to teach me how to fence!” the princess said to her brother with determination. The prince laughed, but decided to help his little sister. The princess changed into her armor and her brother showed her how to hold the sword. Somehow, the princess managed

swing the sword a few times, but suddenly the sword flew and flew until it ended up in the painting of the king. It stuck there like a toothpick.

“Oops, I didn’t mean to do that, I don’t think this is for me,” giggled the princess, quickly stripping off her outfit. Swords and fighting, I don’t think that’s going to be for our beautiful princess. The princess despaired, wandering around the castle, not knowing what to do next. A baker can bake, a prince can fight and her father the king can rule. What about her? As she was walking around the castle, she heard

the beautiful twittering of birds. She decided to find them. As she walked through the castle courtyard, she still didn’t see the birds. She passed through the castle gate and came to a small village that sat directly below their castle. She knew the village, and sometimes went there with her housekeeper to buy fabric for a dress for the seamstress.

As she walked through the streets, she noticed the poverty in the village.

Some of them prospered, people were happily selling their wares in the stalls, but others were just wandering the streets and begging. She was sorry, but our princess went on looking for birds.

Suddenly Amelia stopped. She noticed that the birds were sitting on the roof, twittering happily. She smiled, but then she saw a little boy sitting on the ground under the roof begging for food. “Hi, what’s your name?” she spoke to him sweetly. The little boy hesitated at first, afraid, but then he softened and introduced himself to her as Thomas. He told Amelia how he was very hungry, but he was begging mainly because he wanted to get at least a piece of bread and a jug of water for his little sister. The princess decided to help him.

And how did our princess Amelia help the little boy in need? She found

her true talent after all? That, dear children, we will find out in the next fairy tale.

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