How Princess Amelia discovered her talent

Dear children, I’m sure you remember the beautiful Princess Amelia, who was trying to find her talent. She wanted to finally be skilled and helpful at something like a true princess. She looked for it not only in the royal kitchen and the gym where she learned to fence, but even in the village outside the castle. And there she met a little boy named Thomas, whom she decided to help.

After a short conversation with the little boy, our princess rushed to the royal kitchen and ordered the bakers to bake as much bread and cakes as they could. The bakers set to work. Meanwhile, our princess ran to her room, where she picked up all sorts of fabrics and clothes and threw them into the carriage, into which she also piled jugs of water. She wanted to help whoever she could. Not everyone had as much as she did, and she was determined to help them as best she could. The princess prepared the carriage and waited until all the pastries were baked. When the bread and cakes were ready, the bakers, the servants, and even our princess loaded everything onto the carriage and the princess went back to the village.

How Princess Amelia Discovered Her Talent
How Princess Amelia Discovered Her Talent

The servants did not understand what the princess was up to, but no one asked her any questions. Amelia went straight to the boy Thomas. “Look what I have for you,” she smiled at the little boy and handed him not one but three loaves of bread, a cake and two large jugs of water. The little boy was very surprised. “But I don’t understand, why are you helping me?” The little boy asked her in astonishment.

But the princess smiled sweetly at the little boy and handed him one of her old dresses. “To let you know that we, the people of the castle, care about you, and this dress is for your little sister,” she told him. “If you need anything, feel free to come and see me at the castle,” she added and galloped on into the village. The little boy picked himself up off the ground and ran into the hut to his little sister and mother. He was very happy. And our Amelia decided to help anyone in need. So she went around the village handing out bread, cakes and jugs of water to anyone who needed it.

It made the princess happy. And not just her, but the whole village. When her carriage was empty and the sun was slowly setting behind the high mountains, the princess returned to the castle. She was proud of herself, she hadn’t seen so many happy faces in a long time. “Thank you for everything!” A few villagers stopped by the princess at the gate to the castle, and among them was Thomas and his little sister. She was wearing the princess’s dress. His little sister went to Amelia and said:

“Thank you, you are the best princess we could have! And that’s only because you’re so good,” she smiled at her and put a necklace made of flowers around her neck. It was beautiful.

And that’s when the princess realised it. The way she didn’t hesitate to selflessly help people in need is what made her a true princess. She discovered that she was really good at helping people and was determined to continue doing so.

And so our Princess Amelia happily returned to the castle with her new necklace and told her story to her father the King and her brother. They were so pleased with her kindness and generosity that they threw a ball for the princess, to which they invited all the people of the village. And so our princess found her tr

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