How The Children Wished For Winter

School break was over. The winter vacation had flown by fast and children had to go back to school. But they were still looking forward to afternoon fun in the snow. They were restless at their school desks; that’s how much they were looking forward to being on the hill. But they had no idea what awaited them.

The last school bell rang and all the children sprinted outside. But once they were there, instead of the white cover of snow, they saw brown, half-frozen puddles. The snow was starting to melt. Everyone quickly ran home, did their homework, and ran to the hill. They had to see what it looked like there.

Fairytale - Four Children On A Hill, Blue Sky, Melting Snow And Showing Grass And Ground
How Did The Kids Wish The Winter, Annie I.

All the children gathered on the hill and couldn’t believe their eyes. The snow was slowly disappearing. Instead of white sled tracks, they saw brown soil and grass peeking through. “Not this! That can’t be true! It’s supposed to still be winter!” the children shouted over one another.

But then little Andrew had an idea. He was the smallest boy in the group of friends on the hill. “I have an idea. I know how to save winter, how to ensure that it will still snow. We have to call Lady Winter,” little Andrew said, ready to head out who knew where.

“Andrew, wait! Where are you going? Where do you want to look for her? And who knows if she even exists,” one of the older boys stopped him. “Yes, she exists. I’ve read about her in books and my mom told me stories about her. We have to find her and ask her to call up more snow. Come, we’ll find her in the forest. We have to call her,” little Andrew decided and set off toward the nearest forest.

When the children arrived at the edge of the forest, they started calling out: “Lady Winter, please, show yourself! We need your help!” Nothing happened for a while, but then the wind rose, and trees started to bend and hum in the wind as if whispering. The children stood there as if frozen, watching what was happening. Then lightning flashed and a beautiful white lady appeared in front of them. She glittered all over, as if she were made of ice. She was covered in beautiful snowflakes.

“What do you need, children? Why did you call me?” the beautiful white lady asked. “You are Lady Winter?” little Andrew ventured. “Yes. I am Lady Winter,” the lady replied in her calm voice. Little Andrew bowed respectfully, took a breath, and said: “Thank you for showing yourself to us. We are children from the village here. We really wish for some more snow. We know it’s now after Christmas and after school break, but it’s still winter, after all. Please help us. Could it still snow some more?” Lady Winter was silent for a moment. She was pondering the request. The children waited impatiently for her reply.

Then she smiled and said: “Alright. I will call up more snow, but you have to promise me something.” All the children nodded in agreement, smiling.

“You have to promise me that you will believe in me and that you will come say hello to me next winter as well. And one more thing. Today you asked me kindly and were respectful. Promise me that you will behave that way with all adults. Always.” The children promised all of this, thanked her, and said a polite goodbye.

As they were walking along the path home, the first snowflakes started falling down on them. After a while, there was no trace left of the mud or the puddles. Fresh snow covered everything. The children played cheerfully and never forgot the promises they gave Lady Winter.

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