Moonfairy and the Dream Factory

Far above the sky, almost in space, stands a beautiful house. It is built on a planet. But it’s not just any house. It looks like it’s made of steam. It’s always sort of gently undulating. It’s a magical factory.

It creates dreams and sends them to the children’s rooms so they can sleep well. But one day, something strange happened. In the morning, when the children woke up, they had no dream. They hadn’t dreamt anything and they were very sad.

Near the dream factory lived a fairy named Moonfairy. She was a space fairy who watched over everything that happened in the sky and in the universe. When she saw from the sky that the children weren’t having any dreams, she went to the factory to see. And she found out that the factory wasn’t working.

Fairy Tale For Children Moonfairy and the Dream Factory
Moonfairy and the Dream Factory Annie I.

The fairy was horrified, “That’s impossible! It can’t stay like this! The children need dreams. They need to have their desires and fantasies. They need to dream or they won’t be happy!” She surveyed the factory from all sides, wondering why it wasn’t producing, checking every part of it.

She thought for a moment, and then something occurred to her: “I have to give the factory ideas, energy and desire to start producing again. The factory must know how much the children need it.” And so she took to the skies and started calling out to the children to tell her their dreams. To tell her what they wanted to dream about. The children peeked out of the windows and quietly called out their wishes into the darkness.

The Moonfairy collected all their wishes into a big starry bag. She flew them quickly to the magical house. She emptied the entire bag into the factory’s tank. Then she took a breath and blew with all her might into the propeller of the factory, “Magic Factory, make dreams again, show how powerful you are, so that the children may have better days.”

The propeller of the factory began to spin slowly. The whole magic house was waving and shaking again. It was processing children’s wishes and making dreams again. Everything was saved. Moonflairy was happy. She knew how important it was that the children did not lose their wishes. To dream about them. Only then would they be happy and smiley and hope that their dreams might come true someday.

When it’s evening and you want to have a nice dream, try calling your wish quietly from the window. Maybe the Moonfairy will catch it and take it to the factory. And then you’ll dream about it. I really hope your dream will come true. So don’t stop believing in them!

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