Nighttime Visit

The story I will tell you now took place at night. A ray of moonlight appeared in the sky, the stars were glistening like dewdrops on a black canvas, and the ground was covered with a bright white blanket of snow. All the children were already sleeping nicely in their beds. Only one little boy was gazing outside through his window. His brown hair was disheveled, his pajamas wrinkled, and even though it was quite late, his eyes were wide open. His eyes were fixed upon the sky, waiting.

For what? For a miracle. For a falling star, a night fairy, or anything that might fulfill his secret wish. Every night, this boy sat by the window and waited. Believed and hoped. Until one day he saw something.

Nighttime Visit
Nighttime Visit

A small fairy was skipping around the white snow beneath his window. She was holding a wand in her hand, her dress was as pink as cotton candy, and her shoes were as blue as a crystal-clear well. Her tiny wings fluttered in the falling snow. Now and then she flew forward a little and now and then she jumped in the snow. She was looking up at the windows when she spotted our little boy in one of them. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and then quickly waved shyly at the fairy.

The fairy startled, cautiously flying over to the window, and spoke in a gentle voice: “You can see me? But no one is supposed to see me. It’s not possible.”

“Yes, I can see you,” the boy replied. “I sit by the window every night, waiting for something magical to see. Something that would fulfill my wish. And I’m finally seeing you. I knew that someone existed,” the boy smiled.

The fairy pondered this: “Yes, I’m magical and I fulfill wishes. But the wishes of sleeping children. I look at their dreams and then fulfill them. But otherwise, the children don’t know about me. In the evening, once everyone’s asleep, I quietly visit all sleeping children and look at what they are dreaming about. Then I find out if that child has been kind and has a good heart. If I see that they do, I fulfill their wish.”

“Oh, in that case I’ll go to bed really quickly, so that I can have a dream and you can make it come true for me. I’m probably seeing you because I’m still awake. Alright, I’m heading to bed,” the boy said excitedly, rushing to go to sleep. But before he did fall asleep, he called out to the fairy: “Magical fairy, wait please, what do you like?”

“Why are you asking?” the fairy replied, confused. “I’m sure you have a lot to do,” the boy in pajamas continued. “Because there’s so many of us children. You must be working all night. Tomorrow when you come, I will be asleep. But before I go to bed, I’d like to leave something here for you. Something good, to give you the strength to keep on fulfilling wishes.”

The fairy just smiled, flew over to kiss the boy goodnight on his forehead, and then she flew away. The boy fell asleep immediately.

The magical fairy truly did work all night that night. But she kept on smiling the entire time. The nice words from the boy in the window kept coming back to her. Even though he really wanted his wish to come true, he wasn’t thinking only about himself. He was thinking of others as well. The fairy, for example. She already knew that she would fulfill his wish because he had a good heart.

And truly, the next evening, there was a bowl by the window with pieces of chocolate inside. The boy had not forgotten about the fairy. Not only had he been thinking about her, but he’d also kept his promise. Every night, the magical fairy liked returning to this window the best. To this room, where the kindest boy with a good heart lived. If you think of others too and do nice things for them, who knows whom you might make happy and which of your dreams may come true.

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