How The Yeti Found Friends

Far in the mountains, all the way where there’s only snow and frost, there lived a yeti. He lived on the highest mountain top, nicely hidden in a cave. No human had ever seen him. And therefore no one knew that he existed.

The yeti knew everything about people. That’s because every night, he would sit on the top of his snow-covered mountain and look down at a city full of people which lay beneath him. That way, he could see people drive around in strange things on wheels, have fun together, talk all the time, embrace. The yeti often wondered why people did this. Why didn’t each of them live alone, like he did?

How The Yeti Found Friends
How The Yeti Found Friends

One time as he sat there on his mountain, looking down at the people in their city, he heard them laugh about something. He wanted to hear more and find out why they were laughing so much, so he kept getting closer and closer to the city, leaning in further to hear everything. He slid a little lower down the mountain and then a little more. When he was close to the city, his foot slipped out from under him, he fell on his back, and slid down the mountain. He picked up such speed that he couldn’t stop and slid on his back all the way into the city. How the Yeti Found Friends. Image source:

He came to a stop near a group of children who were in the middle of a lively conversation just then, laughing about something. When the huge Yeti suddenly came to a stop near them, they fell completely silent. All the children slowly gathered around him and looking at him in wonder.

Then the smallest of them gathered up his courage to ask: “Did you get hurt? Are you alright? We can help you stand up, okay?” The yeti just nodded and carefully tried to get back to his feet. All the children were trying to help him. Once the Yeti was firmly on his feet, he spoke: “Thank you very much. I am a Yeti. I live on the mountain, and I live alone there. I wanted to know what you were laughing about so much. As I kept leaning further out and getting closer, I slipped and now I’m all the way here in your city. Please don’t be angry. I’ll go back up there now,” he turned around to leave. As he walked away, the children didn’t even manage to say anything. The yeti returned to his cave, alone again, and every night he would watch the city of people.

A short time passed and the smallest boy from the town couldn’t stop thinking about the Yeti. Finally he called over his friends and said: “I’ve got an idea. The Yeti lives alone up on the mountain. It’s making him sad. Did you see his expression when he was leaving? We’re friends and there’s more of us, but he’s all alone. We have to make friends with him too. So that he knows that we like Yetis. We can’t make it all the way to the top of his mountain, it’s very far, we won’t manage that. But he said that he looks down at our city every night. So we’ll make a big sign and hang it over the city so that he can read it and come down to us. That way he’ll know that he can be friends with us.” “That’s an awesome idea!” the children shouted over one another.

They got to work. They created a big sign and with the help of their parents, they hung it as close to the city lights as possible so that it would be easy to see. That night, when the yeti came out of his cave and looked down at the city, he couldn’t believe his eyes. In the distance, he saw a message written directly for him: “Yeti, come talk to us and laugh with us. Your friends.”

As soon as he saw it, he ran down the mountain. His big feet couldn’t carry him fast enough, so he sat down on his bottom and slid down the snow all the way into the city. He was so happy to spend time with someone and to have friends.

Since then, the Yeti doesn’t sit alone every night. He has friends. Once in a while he slides down into the city and sometimes, he carries them up to his cave. But most of all, he is happy. He knows that everything is better with friends and that everyone needs to have them.

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