Petra and her magic

At the end of the town there was a tall apartment building. It had several floors. But on the top floor, the eighth, something was different. The windows on this floor were decorated with beautiful coloured curtains. They sparkled in all directions with every glimpse of sunlight. Occasionally, lightning and strange luminous colors seemed to appear in those windows. Who lived there? A young girl named Petra. But she wasn’t just any girl. She was a good and kind witch.

You could see from the first glance that no one was afraid of her. She was tall, thin and young. Her light curly hair curled like ringlets. Her black glasses made her look a little stern. And when she smiled, her mouth flashed with brightly colored braces. Everyone liked her because she literally charmed everyone with her kind character and sweet smile.

Bajke za laku noć - Petra and her magic
Petra and her magic

In her apartment on the eighth floor, she grew several herbs on her balcony and kept lots of stones, flowers and spices from which she made her potions. On the shelf she kept a thick book of recipes and magic spells. Whenever she wanted to use her spells, she would look up a recipe in it and start cooking. And because she sang beautifully, she always sang her magic spell. That was her rule.

One day, our young witch Petra was walking around town and saw something that caught her by surprise. There were several children sitting in the playground. They were playing together away from the others. You could see they were sad. Petra walked up to them, sat down next to them and asked, “Hi, how are you? Does it seem to me or did something happen?” One of the children wiped away her tears and began to explain, “You know, our dear witch, I don’t think even you can do anything about this. We are sad because the others don’t want to play with us. Because we don’t look nice. Look, some of us have ugly moles, some of us are too short, and some of us are too tall.” “But that’s no reason not to be liked by others and not to be noticed. Don’t worry, I won’t let it happen.” Petra said and walked quickly to her house.

Immediately she picked up a spell book, flipped through it and read. “Here it is, I’ve got it!” She cheered triumphantly. She took the pot. She poured in some herbs. Then she added some spices. She put some coloured stones around the pot. She took a scarf, waved it around the pot and began to sing, “When you look at the world around us tomorrow, the beauty of it will wipe away your sorrow. So don’t be afraid and get to know the people around you, open your heart to something new.” The windows opened at this song. The wind fluttered the curtains. It whizzed across the apartment and then made a whirlwind around the pot. The scarf lifted and the wind blew the magic glitter powder from the pot into it.

Petra the witch took the scarf with the powder in her hand. She walked to the open window on her eighth floor and blew the powder around the city. The wind blew it farther and farther to all sides. It fell on every person. At that moment, people all started making friends with each other. The beautiful and the not so beautiful. And why? Petra’s magic powder, when it fell on someone, made the other people see them as they really were. So if someone looked funny, like they had a crooked nose and big ears, others still saw them as a nice person. They didn’t see the weird nose or ears because the person had a good heart. Our beloved witch helped the people of our town.

Petra still lives in a tall house on the edge of town. She does magic and watches out for the people in her town. She helps them with her magic, teaches them to enjoy the little things and to see the good in others. Every time the curtains in her window are drawn and sparkly colours appear, everyone knows that our dear Petra is starting to do magic. And not just with her magical smile.

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