Singing competition

Fairy Tale For Children - Singing contest

Beyond the deep forest lies a beautiful meadow. It is full of colourful and fragrant flowers. There are also lots of trees and small shrubs. Little birds fly around the trees and bushes. They live in their crowns. It’s a big day today. They’ve announced a singing competition for the birds. Everyone has been practising hard and choosing the best songs. They had to sing the song in front of the jury. The three wisest owls were in the jury. They flew in from the forest to hear the songbirds sing.

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Brave dog Elvin

Fairy Tale For Children The Brave Dog Elvin

In an old hut near a thick, dark forest lived a little dog named Elvin. Next to Elvin’s hut was an old, dingy cottage where the dog’s master, an evil wizard named Ambrosius, lived. But Elvin was a very sad little dog because he had never experienced what it was like to have a real friend. The wizard did not like his dog at all. He often sent him into the dark forest to get all sorts of herbs or berries that he needed for his magical, but very dangerous, potions.

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The story of the robber

Fairy tale for children - The story of the robber

In the middle of a deep forest was a strange cottage. It was built in the crown of a tree, so few people could see it. It was the home of Carlos the robber. He was good. He was more likely to keep an eye on passers-by and only robbed those who had too much money, didn’t want to share and selfishly kept it for themselves. His hair was cut very short and he had a short beard on his face. He had a cute little scar near his eyebrows, and he charmed everyone with his beautiful big eyes. But he had one problem. He couldn’t hear out of one ear. Carlos liked to sit in his tree house and watch everything that went on in the forest from above. But one day he saw someone he’d never forget. It was an encounter that changed his life forever.

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Frogs Hop and Jump 

Fairy Tale For Children Frogs Hop and Jump 

Beyond a few woods and a few fields was a pond. A few water lilies were floating on it and reeds grew around it. There were regular sounds coming from the reeds. “Quack, quack, quack.” Such croaking meant that two frogs were having a row by the pond. Their names were Hop and Jump. They were two frog brothers. They had lived by the pond for a long time. During the day they hid from the sun in the reeds, and in the evening they would lie down on a water lily to croak their bedtime song. The people who lived by the pond got so used to it that they couldn’t sleep without it. But one evening something was different.

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About a stubborn and naughty little tractor

Fairy Tale For Children About a stubborn and naughty little tractor

Behind a deep forest by a large field stood a large farm. Next to the farm was a huge barn. In it lived two extraordinary machines. A big tractor and a little tractor. Both of them helped the farmer in the field with everything that was needed on the farm. The big tractor was strong and wise. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it. The little tractor was a handy helper, but he was naughty, stubborn and sometimes did things his own way. And that was not good.

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How Ester the squirrel saved the forest

How Ester The Squirrel Saved The Forest

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, a man decided to plant a tree. He chose a beautiful meadow near the town, dug a hole and planted a small tree in it. He took care of it and went to check on it every day. The tree grew beautifully and grew stronger. The man was happy about it, so he planted another, and then another. After a while, there were so many trees in the place that it grew into a small forest. The forest was the house for many animals. Birds, squirrels and badgers, for example. All the people of the town were happy to have such a beautiful piece of nature near the town. And they loved going to the forest. But one day, the animals almost lost the forest.

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Rules in kindergarten

Bedtimestorie - Five Children And Between Them A Turtle

In September, many children start kindergarten. For many of them this is something new. There are new friends, new adult teachers, new games, new meals and new rules. Vojta started to go to one of these kindergartens. He was a restless boy who was always making things up and didn’t want to listen. As soon as he came to the kindergarten on his first day, the teacher saw in his mischievous eyes that he was going to be a rascal. He was a good boy, but he couldn’t stand still and didn’t seem to hear the teacher’s commands.

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