A train of wishes come true

In the middle of the deepest night, when  the night is darkest, a train travels through the world. It’s big, but so quiet you can hardly hear it. Its lights are dim, like little stars. And when it passes your house, you hear the soft tinkle of the bells and feel the gentle breeze. No adult has ever seen or heard it.

Not even many children know about it. Only those who believe in it can see and hear it. Every night, this little train comes out of a fairyland of magic. It’s a train of wishes come true. It travels all over the world. It moves at a slow pace so that those who see it can hop on it and make their wishes, their biggest dreams come true.

A Bedtimestory - A Train Of Wishes Come True
A Train Of Wishes Come True

In a little house in a little pink bed, a little girl named Lara is waiting impatiently. She can’t sleep. She wants to make her dream come true. And so she lies in bed and watches for the first tinkle of the bells. Suddenly the curtain moves. A gentle breeze enters her room and Lara knows the train is coming. She quickly jumps out of bed and quietly opens the window. In the distance, she hears soft bells and sees soft lights. The train is approaching and her excitement grows. When the train is almost next to her, Lara grabs the handle of the train’s door and jumps on it. She goes inside, finds a seat by the window and waits to see where it takes her.

She has a dream. She wants to ride a horse in the meadow. Ride through the flowers while sitting in the saddle of her best animal friend. Will the train make her dream come true? Lara believes in it, so it should. Suddenly, the train announces: “The stop for little Lara is coming up, we’ll be slowing down, you’re getting off.” It’s a voice from a radio. The little girl rushes to the door, and in a little while she carefully jumps out. Her feet hit the grass. And when she disappear in the distance. Later, as she falls asleep in her bed, she is still smiling because her dream has come true. The train brought her to it.

What about you? Do you believe in a train of wishes come true? Then close your eyes and think about what your dream is, your wish. And when you feel the breeze one night and hear the jingle of the bells, that’s when your real magical adventure begins.

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