About the little swallow

As we all know, swallows are migrating birds. This means, children, that when it starts to get cold outside, swallows spread their wings and fly to warmer countries to keep warm. But when we get warmer weather and warm sunshine again, they will happily return to us. And this story is about a little swallow going to warm countries with her family before winter.

Little Moly the Swallow was very excited for her first trip. As the sun rose in the sky and the air slowly grew colder, little Moly and her family of swallows were about to take off from their nests.  The swallows had their nests high in the trees in the woods near a small town. The wind was slowly turning cold and they knew that now was the time to move. As they flew across the sky, they still flew low enough for little Moly to see the large field below. Suddenly, Moly noticed a little gray bunny running away from a large bird of prey trying to catch it with its big claws. The little swallow didn’t hesitate, quickly disengaged from her flock and decided to help the bunny. After all, it’s important to help those who are in need, she remembered what her mother always said. Little Moly didn’t feel scared at all, she was determined to help the helpless little bunny, after all what if it happened to her, she would want someone to help her too.

Tales for Reading - About The Little Swallow
About The Little Swallow

The swallow flew below to the bunny and shouted at him to hide somewhere, when a large bird of prey spotted Little Moly. It was an eagle. And it flew over the fields right towards Moly. The rabbit managed to hide in a dry pile of straw. But the little swallow wasn’t afraid, decided to draw attention away from the rabbit to herself, and flew quickly to the nearby woods. As she flew through the treetops, the eagle quickly followed her. 

“I’ll catch you!” the eagle shouted fiercely after her. Little Moly flew between the branches and hid in a thick tree among the leaves. However, she felt that the eagle was close by and must be looking for her. When the dry leaves burst under Moly and the eagle was right in front of her. Moly began to feel frightened, but she spread her black wings and flew up quickly, and just as the eagle was about to dig its claws into her, a whole flock of swallows appeared in front of him.

Her family had come to rescue her! The eagle was scared of them. They chased the eagle away and saved their little swallow. The swallow was glad her family came back for her.  Moly then found the little bunny and he was very grateful to her for saving his life. Moly was brave and didn’t hesitate to help another. She saved the little bunny’s life from the big eagle. And because every family sticks together, the little swallow’s family also came back for her and chased the eagle away.

Moly said goodbye to the little bunny and she and her family went back on their journey to warm Africa. But she and the bunny remained inseparable friends. Whenever she returned to the Czech Republic for the summer, they would play together in the meadow.

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