How Ester the squirrel saved the forest

How Ester The Squirrel Saved The Forest

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, a man decided to plant a tree. He chose a beautiful meadow near the town, dug a hole and planted a small tree in it. He took care of it and went to check on it every day. The tree grew beautifully and grew stronger. The man was happy about it, so he planted another, and then another. After a while, there were so many trees in the place that it grew into a small forest. The forest was the house for many animals. Birds, squirrels and badgers, for example. All the people of the town were happy to have such a beautiful piece of nature near the town. And they loved going to the forest. But one day, the animals almost lost the forest.

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The story about the Three Kings and the lost dog

Bedtimestory The Three Kings

Beyond the seven mountains, beyond the seven forests, beyond the seven meadows, there were the Three Kings: Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar. The Three Kings set out on a long journey to give gifts to the Child who had just been born. They wandered through forests, fields and deserts, every now and then looking up at the sky, where the Star of Bethlehem was clearly visible. Its radiance was amazing and pointed the Kings in the direction they should go.

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