Fawn named Felix

Autumn was ending and winter was about to start at any moment. Forest animals were gathering their last stores of food, while others were making their dens more comfortable and ready for winter hibernation. A little fawn named Felix lived in the forest as well. He had been born several months ago, so he hadn’t experienced winter yet. But he really liked autumn. He kept on jumping in the fallen leaves and tossing pinecones around. The leaves were so soft and so pretty and colorful!

As Felix ran around the forest, kicking up leaves with his hooves, he happened to destroy the hedgehog’s den. The hedgehog had been preparing it for a long time in order to be ready for winter. But Felix hadn’t seen it while playing and accidentally kicked it apart. Now the hedgehog sat among the leaves, crying: “What will I do? Winter is around the corner, and I will not have enough time to build a new den.”

Fawn Named Felix
Fawn Named Felix

When Felix saw the sad hedgehog, he asked him instantly what the matter was. He didn’t even know he’d destroyed the hedgehog’s hibernating den. The hedgehog explained everything to Felix and the little fawn was horrified. “What have I done? I was all play and silliness and didn’t even notice I’d destroyed something. But I will fix it. Don’t worry, hedgehog, I’ll manage it,” Felix decided and got to work.

With his nose and hooves, he dug a small hole, then added leaves, twigs, and moss. He arranged everything so that the hedgehog would be comfortable and warm. A little while later, he was done. The hedgehog thanked Felix and settled down in his new den. Felix was so glad to have fixed his mistake and saved the hedgehog from winter.

As Felix lay in his den that evening, suddenly something small and white started falling from the sky. The little fawn stuck his nose outside and the white something felt cold on it. Quickly, he hid back inside the den and called out to his mom: “Mom, what is it? And why is it so cold?” “That’s snow, my dear son. Autumn is over, which means that winter is starting.”

“But I don’t want it to be winter. I like autumn. I like colorful leaves and the smell of mushrooms,” Felix replied. His mommy smiled at her little fawn and said: “That’s how it is, Felix. Winter comes after autumn and then spring after winter. Nature knows how it needs to be. But you don’t have to be sad. When something ends, it means that something new is beginning as well. And that’s the wonderful thing about it. And now go to sleep, so that you’re strong enough for winter. Good night!” Felix snuggled up to his mommy and slept sweetly that night. He wasn’t afraid of winter anymore. He was looking forward to the new things it would bring.

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