Little girl Vicky and a wild dog

Behind a few hills and a few valleys there stood a small village. At the edge of the village, near the forest, was a small house. Vickyi lived there with her parents. She was a little girl full of energy. She loved sports and her favourite thing was to run. Every day she ran in the forest. She jumped over sticks and small streams, dodged branches and always ran outside the forest to a beautiful clearing. There she sat in the grass and enjoyed the view of the whole village. She loved it there. It was such a favorite place of hers. It was quiet and it was not easy to run there. And she liked it very much.

Once, when she was resting in the grass like this, she heard some whining. She immediately got up to see where it was coming from. A little further away she found a wild dog lying in the grass, its paw caught in a trap. He couldn’t move. Slowly she approached it, but the dog was scared, so he started growling. Vicky wanted to help him, but she couldn’t do it alone. She took off her sweatshirt and slowly placed it on the trembling dog. “I’ll run to get help. Please hold on.” She whispered. She ran straight home through the woods. She ran as fast as she could. At home, she called the animal rescue station and ran back. She was worried about the little dog. She hurried as fast as she could. As she ran into the clearing, she saw a car pull up. A vet got out. He thanked Vicky for calling him and took the dog to the rescue station.

A Fairy Tale for Children - Little Girl Vicky And A Wild Dog
Little Girl Vicky And A Wild Dog

Every day Vicky went to see him. She always brought him something good. But one day when she came, the dog wasn’t there. “He was already healthy so we let him out into the wild where he belongs, he’s a wild dog. But thanks to you, Vicky, he managed to recover, the vet told her. ” From then on, when Vicky would go for a run, she would look around the forest and hope to see the dog. She always had a feeling he was out there, but she never saw him. It wasn’t until one day when she was sitting in her favorite clearing that something strange happened. She heard the grass rustling behind her. She slowly turned around, but saw no one. So she waited. A snout and pointy ears peeked out from behind a bush. Vicky recognized who it was. It was the dog she had rescued. She stayed in a sitting position so she would be as tall as him. She held out her hand in case he wanted to sniff it. He moved closer and touched her head. He gently rubbed against her. Vickyi’s heart was in her throat. She wanted so badly to stroke and hug him, but she didn’t want to scare him away. Suddenly the dog ran away. He came back a moment later, carrying something in his mouth. It was the sweatshirt that Vicky had covered him with that day. She was completely surprised. She gently stroked him and thanked him. “I’ll be back tomorrow, will you be here?” Vicky called to him and the dog barked as if he understood her.

The next day Vicky was in for a surprise. The dog was already waiting for her at the edge of the forest. When he saw her, he barked and wagged his tail in greeting. He ran beside her all the way through the forest, until he reached a clearing where he lay in her lap. Since then, Vicky no longer runs alone. She has a dog friend. And it’s only because she didn’t hesitate to do everything she could to save him.

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