Tommy and his friend the snowman

When December appeared on the calendar, it was winter. The temperature on the thermometer kept dropping and frost formed on the window. All the children were waiting for the first flakes. They couldn’t wait to go snowballing, building snowmen and sledging down hills. Even Tommy was getting impatient. He was a little boy whose winter holidays had begun.

Right next to his house was a huge meadow with a hill where he would go to play. In the summer he flew kites and built a little house there, and in the winter he rode around on his sledge and built anything he could think of out of the snow.

One night his waiting was over. The first flakes appeared in the sky and the snow began to fall. He tried to fall asleep as quickly as possible, hoping that when he woke up it would be white everywhere. And he wasn’t wrong.

A Fairy Tale for Children - Tommy And His Friend The Snowman
Tommy And His Friend The Snowman

Right after breakfast, he ran out into the meadow and had already started packing the snow and forming it into balls. He built a snowman as big as he was. He made his eyes out of stones, put a carrot for a nose, a pot on his head, and stuck a twig in his hand. He looked beautiful. Tommy was proud of himself. He spent the whole day trying to improve the snowman and make it as good as possible. In the end he was very happy with what he’s done.

In the evening, before going to bed, Tommy looked out of the window and saw a star falling. He remembered that he could make a wish. So he whispered, “I wish my snowman was real and alive.”

In the morning, he was awakened by a knock on the window. He looked up to see who was knocking so early. But all he saw was a twig tapping on the sill. He rubbed his eyes. He stood up and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Outside his window there was the snowman he had built in the meadow. He tapped on the window and called: “Tom, get up before I melt, come and play.”

Tommy stood in awe. You could have knocked him down with the feather.. He kept rubbing his eyes, thinking he was dreaming. When he opened the window, the cold air woke him up and Tom realized it wasn’t a dream. His wish had come true. The snowman had come to life.

Tommy went outside as quickly as he could to get a closer look. He walked around and kept staring at him. He shook his head in disbelief.

“What are you looking at, you wanted me to be alive, so I am. Come on, let’s play already, let’s get as much done as we can.” His snow friend smiled at him.

Tommy understood that it was true and decided to make the most of his wish come true.

From then on they had many adventures together every day. Not a single day in the winter were they bored. Tommy and the snowman became best friends.

But the months rolled by on the calendar and spring was beginning. The sun began to shine more and more and the snowman began to melt. Tom knew he couldn’t keep it cold anymore and he was very sorry.

But the snowman helped him not to be so sad. “Tom take the pebbles and the twig and the pot and the carrot off me. Put it on your shelf so you can see it and so you won’t forget me. I must go. But don’t worry, I’ll be back as soon as it’s cold. Just make me out of snow. You know, there’s a time for everything. Now is the time to go, but there’ll be a time when I’ll be back. I’ll look forward to seeing you. Enjoy your summer.” Tommy still had time to hug the snowman.

Then he put everything on his shelf at home, just as his friend had told him. And still his words rang in his ears. There’s a time for everything. As Tommy grew up, he learned how right the snowman was.

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