Flora The Fairy And Floof the Bunny

When spring comes, meadows start sparkling with all sorts of colors. During this time, grass is the greenest it can be and pretty, colorful flowers appear all around. Some of them stand straight as a flagpole, others turn with the sun, and other still are slightly bent and hang down like bells. If you take a good look into the flowers’ blossoms, you will see a small fairy jump among them.

Her dress has several colors on it, as if it were made from a rainbow. Her hair shines in the sun like golden coins. It’s Flora the Fairy. She leaps from blossom to blossom. She smells some of the flowers, she picks up a fallen petal for others, and straightens their stems so that they wouldn’t break. Flora the Fairy takes good care of all the flowers and admires their beauty at the same time. But she can do other things as well. Thanks to the flowers, she can heal others. She’s helped many creatures this way. She’d also used this magical power when she met Floof the Bunny.

Flora The Fairy And Floof The Bunny
Flora The Fairy And Floof The Bunny

It happened one beautiful, sunny spring afternoon. Flora the fairy was sitting on a daisy. Her legs were swinging in the air as she relished the beauty of the flowers around her. Suddenly, she heard quiet sniffling in the grass not too far away. “Goodness me, what am I going to do. Oh my, oh my.”

Flora the Fairy stood up on her daisy and looked around to see where the voice was coming from. After a moment, she spotted a bunny curled up in the nearby grass. Without hesitation, the fairy sprinted toward him. When she reached him, she tapped his paw with her finger and said: “Hi bunny, what’s the matter? Why are you crying like that?” Floof the Bunny looked at his paws in surprise and saw the pretty little fairy. He blinked because he thought that he was dreaming. But she was real.

He wiped his tears and snot off with his paw and then launched into an explanation: “You see, I’m sad because I’m different. Every bunny has nice tall ears, but one of mine is pointing up and the other one points down. And what’s more, they hurt all the time and I can’t hear very well. That’s why I’m sad and keep to myself.” Flora the fairy felt sorry for Floof. She could tell that he was a good bunny and she wanted to help him.

“You know what, bunny? Don’t despair. It can all be fixed. I’m not just an ordinary fairy. I’m Flora the fairy and because I watch over the flowers in the meadow here and I help them, they give me magical powers whenever I need them. Stay here. I will try and help you,” the fairy said and jumped up onto the tallest flower. She spun around, her dress started to glisten in all directions and its rainbow colors reflected all over the wide valley. Her hair flew like golden coins in the air and a colorful rainbow whirlwind started to rise from the flowers.

Flora the fairy gathered all the colors the flowers gave her into her dress. She leapt back to the bunny and gestured for him to bend down so that she could reach inside his ears. Then she gently blew the glittery rainbow colors into his ears. Floof the bunny just stared in astonishment at it all. An incredible warmth permeated his ears and the bunny felt immediate relief. His ears stopped hurting. He couldn’t believe it. He started jumping in the air with joy. “Thank you so much, fairy. You have no idea what a sweet relief that is. My ears don’t hurt at all anymore,” the bunny cheered.

Then he touched them with his paws and realized that one was still pointing up and the other one down. Despite that, he smiled and said: “And I don’t mind at all that my ears are different from other bunnies. We can’t all be the same, after all.” Flora the fairy was very happy that she was able to help the bunny. But she was even happier that he appreciated the fact that his ears weren’t hurting anymore and that he knew that it was more important than how they looked. And he was right. We can’t all be the same. Everyone is interesting in their own way.

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