The Proud Prince

Once upon a time there was a prince. The prince lived in a big castle, but he was very proud. Prince Charles only gave orders to everyone and took advice from no one. His father, the king, tried his best, but he could not re-educate his son. It made the whole kingdom sad.

One day, Prince Charles decided to go on a trip. He went to the stable and mounted his horse. The prince rode his black horse, Lightning, on a trip to a nearby lake that was said to have magical powers. The prince wished for wealth and power. As he galloped through the dense forest behind the castle, he met an old grandmother on the way to the lake. “Hello son, will you help the old lady? My legs are hurting, could you give me a ride on your horse?” The old lady asked him, leaning against a big oak tree. The old grandmother also told him that she lived in a small cottage nearby and that the prince was really only a short walk away.

Bajke za laku noć - The Proud Prince
The Proud Prince

  “And what for?” replied the young prince smugly, fixing his unruly black hair.

The old woman remained sad and disappointed at the young prince’s answer. “What for, what for… Humility, my son, respect and love in your heart,” the old woman finally replied.

“Humility is for wimps!” said the prince. “Move!” shouted the prince, and was about to gallop on to the lake when his horse Lightning slipped on the wet leaves and fell with the prince. They fell so unluckily that Lightning the horse fell right on top of the prince.

Prince Charles couldn’t move! His horse could not get up off the ground.

“Ow! Help me!” shouted the boy to the old woman who was leaning against a tree. She just smiled and said, “So how did you, prince, help me?” She said to the prince and walked closer.

“I promise to help you! I promise to change, just help me! Please!” The prince wailed sadly, gasping in pain. The old woman just smiled at the prince and replied, “I will help you, my boy, if you promise me that you will have humility in your heart and not pride, which is not good for you.”

And so it was. Suddenly the old woman turned into a beautiful, magical fairy. With a flick of her wand, she helped the prince and his little horse stood firm again. The prince could not believe his eyes, but for the first time he was truly grateful to someone.

From that day on, Prince Charles really changed. The magical fairy who played the old lady taught him humility and respect, and more! The kingdom once again rejoiced in a good prince who from that day on helped everyone and his heart was once again overflowing with love. The enchanted fairy watched the prince from afar and was delighted to see how the prince had changed.

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