Two princesses

Once upon a time, beyond the seven rivers and seven mountains there stood a kingdom. In it lived a wise king and his queen. Together they had two daughters. Both princesses were very beautiful and clever. They both had long hair that waved beautifully. They always wore beautiful dresses. They smiled at everyone and were very friendly and kind. They loved to go into the garden and sing and dance among the trees and flowers. They were very good at it. When they were dancing, it looked like they weren’t touching the ground. They did everything with joy and complete ease.

Everybody in the neighborhood found out how beautiful and clever they were. Every prince wanted to meet the princesses. When the princesses grew up, the king decided to throw a ball. He sent out invitations to the farthest surrounding kingdoms, even villages. He wanted as many suitors as possible to come for his daughter princesses. It was a big deal in the kingdom. The windows were decorated. There were flowers on the doors. There were flags on the walls. Cakes were baked and the best food was prepared.

Tales for Reading - Two Princesses
Two Princesses

When the big day came for the ball, the huge gates opened and lots of people started coming to the kingdom. Everyone was very excited. In the evening, everyone gathered in a huge hall. There were several tables of food, all beautifully decorated, and the king and queen sat on their throne. Then the king stood up, clapped his hands and gestured to the musicians to start playing the welcome song. At that moment, as they began to play, one of the princesses walked slowly down the great spiral staircase. She had a beautiful dress and looked lovely. She smiled and slowly walked down. Everyone greeted her with applause. Soon her sister, the other princess, appeared on the stairs. Just as beautiful as the first. Just as kind and graceful. But she was too nervous. As she came down the stairs, she tripped and fell to the ground. She was so ashamed. She got up quickly and ran to the nearest chamber. After a while, someone knocked. “Please leave me alone.” The princess answered. “Princess, don’t worry. I know you’re ashamed, but it can happen to anyone. After all, even princesses are just girls who can fall.” The princess was curious to whom the kind voice belonged. She slowly opened the door and saw a young man smiling prettily at her. He took her hand and they danced together all evening.

Later, the princess fell in love with this young man. Not only because he was handsome, but mostly because he showed her that anyone can experience something they’re ashamed of. But the important thing is to lift yourself back up and not be sad about it.

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