Extraordinary Princes

Beyond the frosty rock and the high hills there was a great kingdom. There lived a king and queen and their little princes. Their names were Simon and Sanel. They both had black hair, deep brown eyes and smiles from ear to ear. They were very kind and clever. Their parents were proud of them. Every day they thought of games to play and made every moment special. Every day with them was magical.

Literally. The princes had a secret. They could do magic for real. When they said a magic rhyme together that only they knew, everything they wished for at that moment came true. In the next kingdom, just over the next hill, there lived their aunt and uncle. They often went to see them. Simon and Sanel loved their aunt and uncle very much and enjoyed spending time with them. The road to the next kingdom led through the forest. They rode to them on horseback and always enjoyed the journey. The princes and their parents knew it by heart.

Tale at Night - Extraordinary Princes
Extraordinary Princes

But one day, while they were riding through it, something unexpected happened. All of a sudden, robbers appeared in front of them. They jumped out from behind a bush and shouted, “Money or life!” The horses of the king and queen dismounted and reared up. The parents nearly fell off them. Simon and Sanel were scared too, but they knew that only they could help their parents and themselves. They looked at each other and immediately knew they were thinking the same thing. Silently, they began to say a magic rhyme together: “Let everything change quickly, let it not be just a dream anymore. We believe it will be now, our wish will come true, and now.”

Then the princes closed their eyes, held hands and things started to happen. The robbers fell from their horses, and the lianas came down from the trees and began to wrap them so tightly that the robbers could not move. They tried to run away, but their strength was small compared to the magical one.

The parents didn’t understand what was happening. They just shook their heads and watched what was happening in front of them. The princes just laughed in delight and waited for the trees to finish their wish. “Well, now we can throw the robbers on the horses and take them straight to Aunt and Uncle. They’ll deal with them there.” Sanel smiled and winked at Simon. And as he said, they did.

When they arrived at their aunt and uncle’s, they handed over the robbers to them and they punished them properly.

When they told them everything, my aunt and uncle just smiled at each other. They knew Simon and Sanel were special boys. They knew they had magic powers. But they also knew that princes were magical in other ways. In that they knew how to use their powers in the right way. And that’s the most important thing.

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