Eagle chicks

Far away in the high cliffs there are places where eagles’ nests are. They’re very high up and can’t be seen from the ground. Only if you stand under that rock, sometimes you can see mama or daddy eagle fly out from somewhere. Mostly they fly out to find food. They leave their little baby eagles in the nest and fly away to bring them something good to eat. And for their babies to grow up and get strong. When the baby birds are a little bigger, it’s time for them to fly out of the nest on their own to test the strength of their wings and learn how to do it.

In one such nest, on the highest peak on the rock, there lived a family of eagles. A mom, a dad and two chicks. Their names were Bella and Rick. Rick, although he was the same age as his little sister Bella, was bigger and had more strength and courage. He loved Bella very much and helped her with everything. He behaved like a good big brother.

Fairy Tale For Children - Eagle Chicks
Eagle Chicks, Annie I.

When the time came for them to try flying on their own, Bella was very scared. They stood on the edge of the nest. They both looked down. Below them there was an incredible height. The parents stood behind them. They waited patiently for one of them to take the plunge and fly. They were ready to help them. Rick was so excited, he was about to take a step forward, but when he looked at Bella, he couldn’t. She just stood there, fear in her eyes and her wings and legs were stiff. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t. Risha took a step closer to her. “Bella, what’s wrong?” He asked cautiously. “Risha, I can’t. I’m so scared. It’s high up. I’ll probably never be the right eagle.” She looked away sadly and took a step back into the nest. Rick knew it was time. He had to fly out today. But he didn’t want to go without his little sister. Then something occurred to him. He must make her feel safe, so she wouldn’t be afraid. So he told her: “Bella, I’ll fly under you. I’m bigger. If you don’t make it, or if you’re just scared, I’ll carry you. I’ll be under you all the time, I’ll be there for you. Don’t be afraid.” Bella gathered all the courage she had. She stood at the very edge of the nest. Her legs shuffled, her wings stiffened. When she looked at the height below her, she couldn’t breathe. Then she felt her little brother gently stroke her wing and smile warmly at her. Even though he didn’t say anything, she knew he would help her. Three, two, one, go. They both bounced and let the wind carry them away. They flapped their wings as hard as they could. Rick flew underneath Bella the whole time so he could carry her if by chance she couldn’t. And sometimes he helped her a little when she lost her balance. Soon they were both flying like great eagles. But Bella was glad that for that first step, she had someone to help her.

If you ever go to look at the high rocks and see eagles flying above you, maybe two of them will be Bella and Rick. You’ll know them by the fact that they’re always flying close together. They’re ready to help each other.

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