Kindergarten with magic teachers

There was a kindergarten on the edge of our street. Children from all over the town went there. The kindergarten looked like a little sun. It was all yellow. It had a blue roof like the sky. In the garden around it there were flowers, soft grass that was always mown and the best wooden sandpit and climbing frames. Two teachers taught the children there.

One had long black hair, was shorter, slim, petite, and always wanted to keep everything organized. But most of all, she could play the piano beautifully. Her name was Sissi. The other one was called Peggy by everyone.. She was the complete opposite. She had short blond hair and was taller and did everything randomly just like that. She didn’t need any order. And she could sing beautifully.

Tale at Night - Kindergarten With Magic Teachers
Kindergarten With Magic Teachers

Sissi and Peggy were different, but because each was different and each could do different things, they complemented each other beautifully. The children loved them. They all looked forward to going to kindergarten every day. Sisi and Peggy did everything they could to make the children happy. And they weren’t just ordinary teachers. They knew a magic trick to put the children to sleep. Only the two of them could do that magic trick.

Every time the children had lunch and changed into their pyjamas, Sisi would sit down at the piano and start playing. Peggy danced and sang among the children. It was their magic lullaby.

“Before your eyelids close, I’ll caress your cheeks. I’ll sing you goodnight, I’ll let the fairies speak. So I wish you a good dream and then a wonderful day. The blankets will cover you and your teachers will say:
I love you.”

As soon as the first notes began to sound on the piano and Peggy said the first words, the magical melody played through the class. The lights went out, the blinds came down, and colorful fireflies began to fly around the classroom and shine above the cribs. Each duvet rose up, found its child, and gently began to rush him or her to bed. Peggy bounced slowly among the children, singing a magical song and stroking each child’s cheek. They immediately closed their eyes and let the song create the most beautiful dreams. It was the best part of the day.

After resting, the children jumped out of their beds and played with Sissi and Peggy any game they could think of.

The kindergarten is still there. Every time they close the blinds after lunch, the people walking by hear the magical bedtime song from afar. Sissi and Peggy play and sing it every day. Some of the children who went to that kindergarten have grown up. But they still think back on their special teachers with love.

Thanks to the time and love they gave them, the children grew up to be great adults.

Let’s not forget that every teacher and parent can become special for a child. So go ahead.

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