The Fairy Called Morning Star

If you look up at the sky in the evening, when the clouds have all gone to bed and they aren’t wandering across the sky anymore, you will see stars above you everywhere. It’s like a black cloak covered in glitter. Some of them shine brightly, some faintly. If you look really well, you will spot a small light that jumps from one star to the next. That little light is Morning Star. A fairy of the night sky who watches over the stars and the moon, and when the time is right, she wakes the sun so that it would rise into the sky. She gives good morning to the sun. That’s why she’s called Morning Star.

For us humans, it’s very important that Morning Star wakes up the sun every day. That’s how we know that the day is starting. The sun’s rays will chase all the sleepyheads out of their beds. And what’s more, the sun gives us not just light, but also warmth.

The Fairy Called Morning Star
The Fairy Called Morning Star

Once, Morning Star was wandering along the sky as usual. She was hopping from star to star and her long silver hair was sparkling in the wind. It was still nighttime, so Morning Star had a lot of time. Which was why she decided to look a little further in the sky. She’d be back on time to wake the sun.

And so she hopped and walked along the entire sky. She slid along the milky way and admired the earth from all sides of the sky. She didn’t realize what time it was. After a while, as she looked down at Earth, she saw several flowers trying to open their blossoms, but it wasn’t working. Beautiful sunflowers in the fields were bent down all the way to the ground and couldn’t stand back up. Bees wanted to zip around and pollinate flowers, but they couldn’t find any; they just bumped into one another and then lay on the ground, tired. And all the people were sleeping too. Morning Star looked everywhere around the Earth and couldn’t understand what was happening.

And then it hit her. “But I didn’t wake the sun! Without the sun, flowers won’t open, sunflowers won’t turn, and people won’t get up. What have I done!” Morning Star said, horrified. While she’d been walking along the sky, she’d completely forgotten about time. She was supposed to have woken up the sun a long time ago.

She started running across the sky as fast as she could. The stars were helping her, pushing her forward to make her go faster. When Morning Star reached the sun, she started waking it up immediately. But the sun was sleeping too hard. If Morning Star let it sleep too long without waking it, it slept even more deeply. Morning Star called out to the sun, shook it, tickled it, but nothing worked. Morning Star was starting to despair. She could see Earth fading and withering away without the sun shining.

“What have I done, my poor heart,” she cried and sobbed. But then she told herself that she wouldn’t give up. She had to fix the mistake she’d made. She gathered all her strength and took the deepest breath she could. Then she blew at the sun as hard as was able. Her silvery, cool breath tickled the sun in the nose and woke it up. When it opened its eyes, the sun saw an exhausted, tired Morning Star laying there. The sun looked around the Earth and quickly realized that it was supposed to have be giving light and warmth for a long time. It quickly rose into the sky and illuminated the whole Earth. Flowers started opening, sunflowers rising, bees pollinating, and people started to get up.

Right after that, the sun extended its rays and carried Morning Star on them to her heavenly bed. Then it quietly whispered into her ear: “My dear fairy, please be careful next time and wake me up on time. But it’s nice that you fixed your mistake and didn’t give up.” From then on, Morning Star never forgot to wake up the sun. But she also never forgot that everyone could make a mistake, but it was important to try and fix it.

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