The Mouse Kaia And The Mouse Lilli

In an oak house deep in the forest, there lived a mouse named Kaia. She was a nice little mouse. She wore pink bows between her ears and pretty dresses. She took diligent care of her home and was friends with all the animals in the forest. In front of her home there was a garden where she grew vegetables. She picked her fruits in the forest. And that’s where her friend, mouse Lilli, lived as well. Her home was quite close to mouse Kaia’s. They visited each other and went for walks in the forest together. But now Lilli hasn’t come to see Kaia for a long time. Little mouse Kaia was worried about her friend and decided to visit her and find out what was happening.

One afternoon, mouse Kaia set out to visit her friend. When she arrived to her house, she was startled. The garden looked neglected. The flowers were wilting, the pathways were overgrown, and small branches were laying around everywhere. Mouse Kaia was scared for mouse Lilli and ran towards the door, knocking on it.

The Mouse Kaia And The Mouse Lilli
The Mouse Kaia And The Mouse Lilli

A tired, sleepy voice could be heard from within. “Who is it?” “Me,” mouse Kaia replied. “Me?” mouse Lilli wondered inside the house. Nothing happened for a moment and then mouse Kaia banged on the door again and called out: “Not you, Lilli, but me. It’s me, mouse Kaia. I’ve come to visit you; I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Strange noises could now be heard from within. A sort of moaning and loud stomping. The sounds came closer to the door and then mouse Lilli opened it. But Kaia was shocked when she saw Lilli. The mouse was much bigger than she used to be. Her legs were swollen, her belly as big as an inflated balloon. As she stood in the door, she had to lean on it because her legs couldn’t carry her weight. Mouse Lilli was unrecognizable. That’s why her garden looked so neglected as well. She could barely walk, let alone do work outside.

“What happened to you, Lilli? Kaia asked her, astonished. “Nothing. I just ate a few more sweets than normal and then lazed around and then ate more sweets,” Lilli admitted guiltily.

“Well, then we have to fix everything. I will not leave you here like this. You could get sick from this! As your true friend, I will help you. Come!” Kaia said decisively. And she did as she promised.

First, she helped Lilli clean her house and garden. As they say: a clean house is a healthy house. And everyone wants their house to look nice. Then Kaia removed all the sweets from the fridge and the pantry and stacked them with vegetables and fruits. And then it was time for the most difficult part. She started doing exercise with Lilli.

She sang as they exercised. “Up and down, do some squats.” “And then a few donuts,” Lilli added to the song. “No, Lilli, no donut. Donuts make the belly grow and then you’ll just be lying at home and everything will be hurting again. We’ll be fine without a donut,” Kaia answered each time.

It wasn’t easy and it took a long time before mouse Lilli was back to her nimble and spry self, before her belly and legs deflated. But it was worth it. Mouse Lilli is very glad that she has such a good friend who helped her lose weight and put her house and garden back in order.

Today Lilli is enjoying working in her garden once more and she likes going on walks. It’s easier with a small belly. And she is feeling better as well. She will never forget that if one eats too many sweets and lays around, it doesn’t end well.

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